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Brad Pitt Releases His Own Statement About Jolie’s Double Mastectomy

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Angelina Jolie stunned us all when she frankly and bravely announced that she had a double mastectomy to drastically decrease her chances of breast cancer. You may recall that Christina Applegate underwent the same procedure and she is now cancer free.

Brad Pitt, ever supportive, released his own statement about Ms. Jolie’s surgery and decision. From The London Evening Standard:

Having witnessed this decision firsthand, I find Angie’s choice, as well as so many others like her, absolutely heroic. I thank our medical team for their care and focus. All I want for is for her to have a long and healthy life, with myself and our children. This is a happy day for our family.

I am so glad that she’s okay. She was looking very frail not long ago. I can’t even imagine the mental and physical ordeal of what she was going through.

Many celebrities and fans are tweeting and blogging their support and well wishes, although sadly and inevitably, there are many making insensitive comments. And they are douchebags. Let’s just be real about it — they are making f-cking stupid comments and they are total dicks. Someone even tweeted, about Jolie’s procedure:

Expensive and unnecessary! I think Angelina’s going in for a gruesome attention seeking stunt.

And in case you were wondering, not that it matters, that tweet came from a woman.

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  • Oh my God! Did she have breast cancer? I know her mother had cancer and Angelina has a terrible time with her mother’s death. If she didn’t have breast cancer or any pre-cancerous cells, then I think she’s gone around the bend.

  • I’m an idiot….I just read a long article about her gene test and I’m the big jerk today. Unlike most people, I am a big fan of her films and of her, period. I hope she can avoid the ovarian cancer. God Bless Brad and Angelina.

  • As a breast cancer survivor I say go Angelina! I’m glad she is bringing attention to this issue while taking her health into her own hands! Her decision is not for everyone but more women need to become their own advocates and at least get the conversation going with their doctors.

  • As a woman who has had silicone breast implants since 1989, I have some opinions. I didn’t need a mastectomy since I was a AAA cup and no one in my family has ever had breast cancer. If I had the money, I would have the implants removed. They aren’t too big and there’s no major issue – except a few autoimmune problems that are common with silicone implants. I can watch my diet and refrain from alcohol to keep that under control. I’m concerned about getting cancer from the implants!

    Implants are “cosmetic” and will never, ever, ever be covered under any insurance policy…, make sure that you always have enough cash or a good line of credit so you can get them fixed.

    Implants have a recommended shelf life of 20 years. I can’t afford new ones and at this point in time – I don’t want to be put under anesthesia because of the death risk every time that’s done.

    I’m just saying that the media is selling something via FEAR that may lead to unimagined financial and physical complications.

    I would think that Angelina would have had a hysterectomy. Her Mother died of ovarian cancer. But that isn’t what the media is currently pants on fire about now, is it?

    Cancer is no longer caused by chemicals and pollutants nor nutritional issues. It’s caused by our faulty genetics?! So, instead of boycotting toxic products and manufacturing – we are supposed to line up at the doctor’s office and get surgery while big business continues poisoning the planet?

    Okay. Got it.

  • CORRECTION. NOT a hysterectomy. Maybe a bilateral salpingooophorectomy. Removing the ovaries and tubes.

    She does not have to remove her uterus.

    And if you read properly, kimcheee, you would realize that she has the BRCA1 mutation which predisposes her to BOTH breast and ovarian cancer. Not just ovarian.

    And yes, getting general anesthesia has complications including death, but that’s with any surgery as well. The point is to weigh the risks and benefits. If you’re just getting breast implants for the cosmetic reason then maybe it’s not worth it. If you’re getting surgery done that could prevent the development of cancer, then I’d say it’s a risk worth taking.

    Get your research done properly before spewing crap out of your mouth.

    • She got SILICONE implants! She will eventually end up with autoimmune disorders. She would have been brave if she didn’t have the reconstruction. The reconstruction (silicone implants) is a hazard. Maybe you should do your homework and stop being such a douche!!

      • It’s still crazy for most people to make that decision based on “lab tests”. I can’t count how many of my girlfriends have been told that they have 3rd or 4th stage cervical cancer and need a hysterectomy – only to find out via 2nd and 3rd opinion that their diagnosis was completely bogus and just an error made by a lab tech or a greedy doctor. The agenda being promoted here is close to INSANE.

  • You can’t make everyone happy . One minute people say they would never do this just because of some test results , then you have people that say with all this science why can’t they do a test and find out . Personally I think having the test is great ! Isn’t this why we do all this research so we can find out if we have cancer as soon as possible ! They always tell you the sooner you find out the better your survival chances are !