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This Is How Dita Von Teese Dresses To Go To The Foot Doctor

Dita Von Teese is glamorous as hell, and she’s not going to give up her signature retro inspired style for anyone or anything, not even a visit to a podiatrist in a stip mall.

Goddamn she is fancy. This seems like a huge waste of an outfit, but you know she has so many outfits this is probably her equivalent of sweatpants and flip flops. Very high maintenance though. Maybe that’s why Bradley Cooper turned her down. Who really wants to sit around for 1 – 2 hours so your girlfriend can do her hair and makeup to run errands?


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  • She is the hotness, no doubt about it. Haaaa – it’s the happy/sad foot sign place over in Silverlake! LA people tell me that when driving down the street, first glimpse of the slowly spinning sign will determine how the rest of your night will go. Like a fortune. My eyes always land on the sad foot, then I end up having a great night, so phooey I say! ‘Tis bullshit. But a rad foot doc nonetheless – that street sign cracks me up. Oh yeah, uuuuuh DITA. Dita. Sistah looks vampy awesome, 2 thumbs up.

  • shit, i can’t keep up… cheers, mate, life is good & hope you are too!

  • Doubt it takes her 1-2 hours to achieve that look. She has been doing it so long she probably has the routine streamlined to maybe half an hour.

    • She really does have it down, and she thinks its very rude to keep people waiting. She does a quick beauty routine when she needs to, or she can spend over an hour for a show or special event. I’ve heard that she has a “getting ready” playlist that has a crazy song at the end when beauty time is almost up lol

  • I love shoes as much as the nest woman, but how much do you want to bet that her Louboutin’s are the reason behind her visit to the podiatrist? I know so many women who own a pair and who look like newborn colts taking their first steps when wearing them. I’ll spring for Jimmy Choos, thanks.

    • Louboutins are only made for wearing on the red carpet and in the bedroom in a non-standing position. ((giggles)). Dita is so beautiful. You’re right. This is like ‘sweatpants’ for her. I wish I had her creamy white skin.

      • You’re spot on about the shoes ; )

        As for her skin tone, don’t be jealous; I’ve got her complexion and all i want is a tan…which I can’t get because I have a sun allergy (it’s a real thing, as i’ve learned). People used to call me Wednesday Adams in school :( Embrace your tone and know that someone else is envious of it.

  • Ah yes..nothing more glamorous thank taking your clothes off for money. I have a headache from rolling my eyes so hard.

      • “It really pisses me off when I make a typo while being bitchy.” — LOL I know the feeling.

  • So it’s apparent that the writer NEVER bothered to look at pics of Ms. Von Reese from recent past events like the Coachella Music Festival. I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with Dita and can guarantee that she indeed owns flip flops, jeans, etc. Perhaps this writer would do good to remember even stars are just people.