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Kanye West Wants His Baby to Be French, Kim Kardashian Not So Much

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Ah, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West – a love story for the ages! Kim’s going to be popping out Kanye’s progeny any day now, and it’s terrifying to think of these two as parents. Turns out if Kanye had his way, we wouldn’t even HAVE to think about them, because they’d be raising baby Kimye in Paris as a sophisticated French kid – something Kim is trying to put a stop to.

From Life & Style:

Life & Style can reveal that although Kim wants her kid to be born in LA, a source close to the Kardashian family dishes, “Kanye wants the baby born in Paris,” explaining, “He would love the baby to have dual citizenship.”

“Kanye is absolutely insistent that the baby will be raised in France, but Kim’s refusing to let that happen,” the insider details in the new issue of Life & Style, on newsstands now. “It’s so important for her to be near her family and have the baby grow up around its aunts, uncles and cousins. There’s no way she’ll stop fighting Kanye on this.”

Despite Kanye’s luxe Parisian penthouse the couple could be living in, the insider says of their previous agreed upon arrangement, “They were supposed to spend just three months in Paris. Now he wants to move them permanently to Paris.”

This is Life & Style we’re talking about, so chances are this story had as much thought put into it as a fart. Still, Kanye might just be that insane. Too bad we’ll never know, because Kris Jenner will NOT BE HAVING THAT.

And while Kanye is pushing for his first child to be raised abroad — reportedly a baby girl due in July — Kim has taken measures into her own hands. “Kim is against the idea and wants the baby born in LA with the family doctor who delivered Mason and Penelope,” the source tells Life & Style.

A family friend says Kim, has a strong ally on her side in momager Kris Jenner. “Kris is adamant that this happens and has already reserved the suite at Cedars and paid the deposit.”

But if Kanye knows what’s best, he’ll take this one as a loss. “Kanye isn’t happy,” the insider says. “But he doesn’t think he can win this one.”

Kanye’s ego may have the power of the Abominable Snowman, but it’s no match for the monster that is momager Kris. Doesn’t he know this by now?

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  • It’s sad that she can’t give up fame, or the quest for it. Marry him, be obscure. Pictures of her would be far more valuable if they were harder to get, fewer and further between. Love your child, don’t sell out its youth. I mean, doesn’t she realize it won’t last anyway and she’ll need someone like him to take care of her in the manner in which she is accustomed? She doesn’t have a tangible commodity to trade on, except for fame. I think she realizes this, but she is the moneymaker and Kria isn’t going to let her get away that easy. But, at the same time, he’s the one who knocked her up – so shame on him. He’d have to be mute, blind and dumb not to know what he was getting into.

    In semi-related news, I’m really tired of the “you think you knew it all, but you haven’t seen anything yet” commercials on E!. I don’t think there is lost footage from KUWTK. We know it all. You can’t stop; the family as a whole. We. Get. It.

    • Kim is worth over 40 million all by herself. It’s not like she’s a single welfare mom who needs a sugar daddy.

      Kanye is one of the biggest mouthed jerks and will be a very interesting match for the Momager Monster.

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