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Amanda Bynes Pleads No Contest

amanda bynes nyc candid

Amanda Bynes has somehow managed to avoid dealing with her many car issues — until now (apparently court proceedings are slow as hell). She’s pleading no contest to driving on a suspended license. With all the super interesting things she’s doing on Twitter, it’s easy to forget that when it comes to driving, she’s as bad as Lohan.

From TMZ:

Amanda will be placed on 3 years probation, which requires her to obey all laws — and given her current state that may be a challenge.  She was also warned NOT to drive without a valid license and insurance.  She also must pay a $300 fine.

As we reported, the charges were filed against the actress in September after she was pulled over in Burbank … and cops discovered her license was suspended. Police ticketed her and impounded her car.

Amanda’s license had been suspended a couple weeks earlier because of two hit-and-run charges that were filed against her.

The irony … those hit-and-run charges were later thrown out by a judge, after Amanda reached financial settlements with the victims.

As for her other legal problems, she’s still got that DUI case going on. Which is nice.

Thank God Bynes is a retired millionaire and can afford that hefty $300 fine. And gasp, I didn’t post a Bynes approved photo up top because I just realized that I don’t have to. She doesn’t own me.

Enjoy this beautiful fan art that Bynes retweeted.

amanda bynes twitter photo

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  • Fan art? There are still people out there who admit that they’re fans of her? Wow, did not expect that. Maybe some form of disaster tourism.