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Damn Juicy Blind Item About A Former Teen Singer

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This is a great blind item from the mysterious entertainment lawyer who runs the blog Crazy Days And Nights. This one is about a former teen singer who made a very big mistake and f-cked her way through it. Here’s the item:

I remember the first time I ran into this then A list celebrity. I was expecting her to be this very innocent, kind of goofy and very beautiful person. This is how she wanted the public to see her and it was how she had me see her. 20 minutes later when I saw her but she did not see me, I saw her drinking a shot and yelling at her manager using language I can’t even begin to describe. It was a long way from the virginal teen beginning she had and how she was portrayed to everyone. It was not long after this, that she announced something which was a huge negative for her. HUGE. Could have ruined her career. Might have, except for all the favors she called in. I was shocked her career did not nose dive and remember asking someone about it who told me at the time that she had f**ked 20 huge reporters and music producers and record executives and television producers over the years while she was married while at the same time giving that same goofy smile and aww shucks kind of mentality. One of the record producers said she knew how to do things that blew his mind but he was not sure it was because she was really that good or that he had expected her to be like the image she portrayed so that made it more exciting. When her career looked like it would nose dive she called in all the favors and puff pieces were written about her and she was given jobs other than her main profession and acting jobs and her label didn’t drop her and she churned out a hit record. She also managed to convince another guy she had been cheating with to leave his wife so that way she could look all happy and innocent again.

Sometimes minor things in blind items are changed to further protect the informant. For example, when he says “hit record” he could mean that loosely. Here are our clues:

— He specifies “then” A list celebrity so we can probably assume she is no longer A list.
— She was portrayed as being goofy, innocent with an “aww shucks kind of mentality.”
— Started with a virginal teen image.
— Was married.
— Did things other than “her main profession” like acting. (What are other things? Maybe design a clothing line?)
— Had a “hit” record.
— Convinced a married man to leave his wife.

Something I noticed is that he used the term “nose dive” twice. I wonder if that’s a subtle clue, like she had a nose job. He also reiterates that she had a “goofy” and “innocent” demeanor.

The “aww shucks” mentality and virginal teen background sounds just like Britney Spears but her career did nose dive in 2008 and it took a little while for her to get it back together. However, when she did recover, it was to tremendous success and her label never dropped her. And she did get bit parts in TV like How I Met Your Mother. But I can’t think of who she would have been publicly cheating with, and I think she’s still considered A-list.

My guess is Ashlee Simpson because I can’t think of anyone else at the moment that’s a better fit. I’m guessing her because, like her older sister Jessica, she had an image of being goofy and “aw shucks”-ish, plus the whole virgin selling point thing. Her song “Pieces Of Me” was one of the biggest hits in the US that summer and went gold. She was married. She had bit parts in a lot of TV shows and movies, briefly had a reality show, and was a spokesperson for Candie’s shoes. She famously got a nose job.

Could it be that the Saturday Night Live debacle was the “huge negative announcement”? The announcement being that she after she effed up the song she blamed it on the band? After that disaster, she was named Cosmopolitan’s “Fun Fearless Female Of The Year” and put on their cover. She also starred in Chicago in the West End and got very good reviews. Yet I don’t think this good publicity was enough to recover her career from the SNL thing. I also can’t think of anyone she dated who was married. And also, was she ever really “A list”?

But maybe it IS Jessica.

You guys, I spent way too much time thinking about this.

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  • I’m fairly certain that Ashlee Simpson was heavily pregnant when she married Pete Wentz ( and he even gave an interview talking about doing her on their first date). She never had a virginal image.

  • I think it’s Jessica, remember John Mayer was quote as saying “That girl, for me, is a drug. And drugs aren’t good for you if you do lots of them. Yeah, that girl is like crack cocaine to me… Sexually it was crazy. That’s all I’ll say. It was like napalm, sexual napalm…”

  • I could see this being Jessica before Ashley. The loose end with Ash is the married man she convinced to leave his wife. Jessica got with her now-fiancée when he was married, no?

  • I was kinda thinking maybe Avril Lavigne? But iut doesn’t really fit. Ashley is a good guess but as Nikki said, she never seemed so innocent. Still it fits… ah, I wanna know!

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