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2E! Online’s Twitter Got Hacked This Weekend, Beliebers Take the Bait


There’s little that brings me more joy in this world than Justin Bieber fans – Beliebers, as we all unfortunately know them as – get punked. They’re by far the most obnoxious group of fans with internet access, save for maybe the Little Monsters. Nah, Beliebers are still worse. Anyhow, life got a lot more fun on Saturday when E! Online’s Twitter account started posting some shocking news updates including the one above, and this one:


Hahahaha! Isn’t that great? As soon as I saw it, I realised the account was hacked, but E! Online didn’t for nearly two full hours, and plenty of the account’s followers thought the tweets were legit, as well, and expressed their shock/outrage/joy/suicide plans in response. Of course, all was revealed shortly after when a group of Syrian hackers took credit for the prank:


Was this a corny prank? Well, sort of. Was it still awesome cos so many Justin Bieber fans thought it was real? YUP. I don’t know what would have set them off more – his reunion with Selena Gomez or a newfound union with another bro. Maybe a member of One Direction?

May 6, 2013 at 6:30 am by Jennifer
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2 Responses to “E! Online’s Twitter Got Hacked This Weekend, Beliebers Take the Bait”

  1. zombie says:

    I can only imagine the wide spread panic that hilarious little gem caused the insane Bieber fans out there.

  2. Chaz says:

    Skinny Jean wearing, emo/hipster punks are equally obnoxious….

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