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Seth Rogen’s Got The Hots For Zac Efron

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Oh, Seth Rogen, what a joker! Ever the funny man (or something), he recently sounded off on his man crush on Zac Efron after the two worked together on the upcoming comedy Townies, which will probably suck.

From People:

“Zac Efron is incredibly handsome,” Rogen, 31, told reporters recently at the second annual Hilarity For Charity House Party in Los Angeles. “He’s the sexiest [expletive] on the planet!”

Acting beside the buff Efron, 25, was a challenge, says Rogen, particularly at one point during the shoot.

“I did a scene with him, and we’re both shirtless, and it was a very humbling experience,” Rogen said with his trademark chuckle. “I marveled at the fact that we’re literally the same species.”

Still, Rogen found a degree of solace in knowing that he beats Efron on one score, at least.

“I’m hairier than he is, so I win at that,” the actor told PEOPLE as he clutched his wife, Lauren Miller, to his side. “[Zac’s] very veiny. I’m not that veiny.”

I hate People‘s editorial style sometimes – he “clutched” his wife? What is she, a steering wheel? Anyway, good for Zac Efron and his staying power. He was #1 crush material for teens/20-somethings back in like, 2006, and he’s still making hearts flutter.

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