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NO, GOD, NO. Dick Van Dyke Has A “Neurological Disorder”

dick van dyke

Dick Van Dyke, one of the most amazing people ever, apparently has an “undiagnosed neurological disorder.” SAVE YOUR “I thought he was already dead” and “He’s still alive?” comments because OBVIOUSLY HE’S NOT DEAD OR THIS WOULDN’T BE A POST.

From The Los Angeles Times:

Dick Van Dyke is suffering from an as-yet “undiagnosed neurological disorder” and has been advised to rest and avoid plane travel until doctors know what the veteran showman is dealing with, according to his rep.

“My head bangs every time I lay down,” the 87-year-old said Wednesday on Twitter. “I’ve had every test come back that I’m perfectly healthy. Anybody got any ideas?”

Okay, first of all, hold the goddamn phone. Dick Van Dyke is on Twitter?? Why am I only learning this just now?

One immediate effect of doctors’ advice was the nixing of a trip to New York next week to receive the first Lifetime Achievement Award for Bettering Humanity Through Comedy from the 92nd Street Y.

The cancellation was because of “fatigue and lack of sleep resulting from symptoms of a yet-to-be diagnosed neurological disorder,” his rep told “Entertainment Tonight,” which first reported the news.

“Dick is otherwise in good physical condition but the fatigue factor has become acute,” his rep told USA Today in a statement that included the caution against air travel. Tests have not yielded a specific diagnosis.

Van Dyke tweeted that he’d had MRIs, CT scans and a spinal tap in search of a cause for his symptoms, which he said had been going on for seven years.


He’s been doing well, it seems. In May of 2012 he got married. In January he won a SAG Lifetime Achievement Award and accepted in very good spirits.

I really, REALLY hope that he’s okay. Bert (Mary Poppins) was one of my first crushes, followed by Albert Petersen (Bye Bye Birdie). He is very crushable. Seriously! Yes, I really like Dick Van Dyke, I’m not sure if this came through at all in this post.

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  • I adore Dick VanDyke. I grew up watching “The Dick VanDyke Show”. I forgot about him and didn’t realize he was still alive. If he’s not in the tabloids, he must be living a decent life. He is still magnetic, lively and kind of handsome. He just got married? Dang it. Good vibes to Dick!

  • Caracatacus Potts – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was my first crush. I always wanted to be Truly Scrumptious. LOVE him:)

  • i’m staying on top of this story like flies on shit. sounds like what my mom’s been going through for a decade. seriously. thank you.

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