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Finch From American Pie Was Held At Knifepoint In His Own Home

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Eddie Kaye Thomas, best known for playing Finch in American Pie, the one who got with Stifler’s mom, called 911 yesterday after a woman in his house threatened to kill him. Details are scant as of now, but from what TMZ knows, an unidentified woman in his house (not sure if it’s a friend of his or what) allegedly threatened to kill him with a knife. He ran outside, called 911, and then she locked herself inside the house. The police showed up and it seems like everything is okay and that no one is physically harmed. The whole thing is so bizarre.

Again, we don’t know as of right this moment who the woman is or what the situation is. It could be a very not okay fan, like with Rihanna’s stalker who broke into her house. I mean, I personally don’t know who out there would bother to stalk Eddie Kay Thomas, but all it takes is one. Look at Clay Aiken.

The Los Angeles Times revealed the identity of the woman and more of what happened:

The woman arrested after allegedly barricading herself in the Hollywood Hills home of “American Pie” actor Eddie Kaye Thomas was identified by police Thursday as Roxanna Bear, 31.

Bear, a Russian national, was booked on suspicion of felony vandalism Wednesday after a Los Angeles  police SWAT team fired flash-bang grenades and tear gas into the home of Thomas, best known for his role as Paul Finch in the “American Pie” films.

She was being held in lieu of $20,000 bail.

The actor met Bear for the first time at a restaurant Tuesday night, said LAPD Lt. Andrew Neiman. She stayed overnight at his home and on Wednesday was asked to leave but refused.

In addition to threatening Thomas, she destroyed personal property at Thomas’ home, including dishes, a lamp and a guitar, police said.

Police tried to convince Bear, whom they described as an aspiring singer, to give up. When she refused  they fired the flash-bang grenades and multiple rounds of tear gas.

Bear had been arrested by Beverly Hills police in late February on suspicion of misdemeanor public intoxication and refusing to leave private property at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, authorities said.

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