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Obligatory Coachella Post: The Stars Are There, But Thank God I’m Not

Let it be said: I hate Coachella. Hate it. I’m absolutely obsessed with music and I love seeing my favourite artists play live, but I cannot stand the cultural shitfest that is Coachella every year, where hipsters flock in their thousands to the middle of California to do more drugs than normal, fill their Instagram pages with filtered photos of ferris wheels and have dirty anonymous hook-ups with some bro/lady who may or may not be a friend of the brother of one of the dudes from Alt-J and can probably (but most likely not) get you backstage passes, or at least an invite to the afterparty. It’s not so much about the music as it is saying it’s about the music and instead spending all of your time rolling on E or eating too many funnel cakes after smoking skunk weed you bought from a white kid with an afro who’s from North Dakota.

Even the stars aren’t immune to this fuckery, and every year they turn out in droves to see and be seen. 2013 is no exception, with everyone from Vanessa Hudgens (of course) and Katy Perry to Leonardo DiCaprio and Diane Kruger making their way to Indio. If nothing else, it’s good for a laugh to see how ridiculous even the celebrities are willing to make themselves look to be part of the cool scene. Or maybe some of them are actually there to see Phoenix or something. Who can say?

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