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Sharon Osbourne Has Something to Say About Michael Jackson’s Death and She’ll Testify About It

sharon osbourne

Sharon Osbourne is one classy broad, and classy broads should always put the world to rights. For this reason, she’ll be testifying at the wrongful death trial surrounding the late Michael Jackson’s death and speaking out in support of MJ’s mother Katherine Jackson, who wants more than $40 billion in damages from AEG Live.

From Radar Online:

The revelation comes only days after Ozzy’s wife revealed on her CBS show, The Talk, that AEG executives had told her that the King of Pop was not well enough during rehearsals for his scheduled shows at the O2 Arena in London.

“Sharon Osbourne was added to the plaintiff’s witness list. The jury will be extremely interested to hear what Sharon has to say. Sharon is extremely credible, and she doesn’t have an axe to grind with anyone in this case. She just wants to tell the truth about what certain key executives at AEG told her before Michael tragically passed away. This goes to the heart of Katherine’s case that AEG knew Michael wasn’t healthy, and everyone at AEG knew it,” a source close to the situation told exclusively.

The news that Osbourne will take the stand comes only days after she made a startling revelation on The Talk. Speaking about the civil lawsuit, the spitfire British redhead said, “And the thing is, there were certain people that work at that company that knew that Michael Jackson was not well and they didn’t care because it’s business, and at the end of the day whether he performed or he didn’t, they would still make money. I’ve had conversation’s with certain people at that company (AEG) who have said exactly that to me. If they would like me to go to court, (the Jackson family), I will stand up and tell them who said that to me!”

Well, this seems to have exactly zero to do with Sharon Osbourne, but way to put your nose in where it’s not needed, lady. That being said, she obviously has a point. Companies want to make money off celebrities and it doesn’t matter how fucked up they are in their personal lives. If they can possibly be thrown onto a stage and made to perform, thereby bringing in the cash, then it doesn’t matter how unhealthy they are while doing it. Is it worth $40 billion? Eh, it seems a bit excessive, but that’s not for me to say. But AEG did hire Conrad Murray, who is notoriously kind of a prick and definitely shares much of the blame here, and they should all pay up.

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  • Please, spare us the drivel about Sharon Osbourne and Michael Jackson’s leeches (aka his family). Sharon Osbourne is nothing but an enabler, whose husband, son and daughter all had major substance abuse issues. Michael Jackson was a drug addict who used his doctor to put him to sleep with a hospital sedative (propofol).

    Drug addicts get what they deserve. Period. Nobody is forcing them to take drugs, they are manipulative and rely on enablers like Sharon to help them with their substance abuse problem and put off facing real life.

    • Compassion is what enablers think they are providing to drug addicts. All they are doing is ENABLING when they attempt to explain away drug addicts problems – which are 100% caused by drug addicts actions, or refusal to face reality.

      Drug addicts become manipulative in order to further their addictions and play on friends and loved ones’ sympathy and compassion to avoid facing reality.

      Sharon is just demonstrating why her husband and two out of three kids developed addictions WHILE SHE WAS INVOLVED.

  • Sharon knows substance abuse issues via real life. So do I. It’s difficult. If you live with a person whom is an addict, you find that you cannot control them and they won’t stop until they are ready to – no matter what you think they should do.

    The only choice is to walk away from the relationship, job or situation unless you learn to ignore them and try not to become too resentful about their choice to “use”. It’s hard not to hate someone who is always stoned out of their minds. They’re like children that need supervision. It’s an enormous burden.

    I don’t think it’s helpful to blame his caretakers. There was ONE person responsible for MJ and that was MJ. Of course, AEG probably do owe the Jackson family some money for their role in MJ’s life.

    It’s not helpful to lay blame on one person unless you’re filing a lawsuit. It’s more complicated. Maybe rehab programs would be more effective if everyone involved was counseled instead of just the addict.

  • @kimchee its awsome the way you stated your opinion.exactly,not cos they dont want to see reality but its giving another option and sense of belonging that leads to responsible a child.

  • If they (AEG) knew he wasn’t healthy enough to do the tour MJ knew it too and yet he went for the money grab because he was broke

  • The comments above are very ignorant and dumb. People will just believe anything the media feeds to them even when it doesnt make any logical sense.
    Michael was NOT a drug addict. He had insomnia and other medical issues. He was using Propofol because he wanted to go to sleep not because he was a “drug addict” You can not even get addicted to anesthesia. How are you going to be addicted to something when you are unconscious? People are SO STUPID! The previous prescription medications were for his insomnia issues in the 90s not because he was trying to get “high” People are quick to just believe anything with out facts and without researching.

  • The AEG trial is about MONEY. The Jackson family are leeches and are just trying to get money. They dropped the lawsuit againt Murray because he does not have any money. This trial has NOTHING to do with getting justice for Michael.

    Although the Jacksons are exploiting MJs children and his problems for money……

    AEG is also wrong because their are emails that proves that Michaels concert director tried to tell them that MJ was not well and they simply ignored it and gave excuses. I feel if the concert director tried to notify them of his concerns and they ignored them they should be held accountable to a degree especially since Michael was under contract with them and they provided Murray for his medical needs.