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Amanda Bynes Is Screwing With Us

amanda bynes hair nyc dye

Amanda Bynes is insisting that those photos of her walking around NYC with reddish purple-ish hair are not of her. Uhhhh okay. Last night she tweeted,

I have the blondest hair ever! I have an app to change the color of my hair! I don’t want red hair! That’s not me!

And included this photo as “proof”.
amanda bynes twitter photo purple hair
By “app” does she mean appointment? What does that mean anyway?

She followed that tweet up with this one:
tweet amanda bynes hairWhat? What does that mean?


Girl, it’s clearly you. It’s the same exact piercings, same exact jewelry, and same exact damn pair of sunglasses.

I think she’s doing this on purpose. I think she’s doing this to get more attention and more Twitter followers and more publicity, no matter how stupid. Or maybe she’s doing this because she’s bored and wants a hobby. She’s a self proclaimed retired multi-millionaire who doesn’t have to do anything and doesn’t want to work so maybe she’s saying f-ck it and is screwing with the media just for funsies.

But some people think she’s actually having a breakdown.

What do you think?

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