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8Macaulay Culkin Is Still Alive, Looks Slightly Less Dead

macaulay culkin

The last time we caught up with Macaulay Culkin, he was looking a little, shall we say… not well. While he vaguely cleaned up his act earlier this year, he’s now slid a bit downhill again – not with the drugs, but with that Hansel from Zoolander hair. I kid!

In any case, Kevin McAllister was out and about in Paris over Easter weekend and even visited a fair with a few friends, where he smoked some cigarettes, slid down a giant slide and took a note from Corey Hart‘s diary and wore a pair of red sunglasses, despite it being pitch black outside. Don’t worry, M – I’m not mad at you!

Some more photos of Macaulay’s outing in Paris below…

April 2, 2013 at 10:30 am by Jennifer
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8 Responses to “Macaulay Culkin Is Still Alive, Looks Slightly Less Dead”

  1. pikki nikki polka pants says:

    i love this nutbar! please don’t croak on us, kevin mcallister.

  2. Anonymous says:

    is he dead or is he still alive, what is it?

  3. kimcheee says:

    I understand Mila Kunis’s style better once I look at her ex-boyfriend that she dated for 8 years – McCauley.

  4. juany says:

    I hope he is alive he is a good actor my favorite Christmas movies home alone 1 2

  5. lotlot says:

    i hope macaulay culkin is still alive he is my favorite actor since i was 6.

  6. jeanne says:

    macaulay culkin i hope that you are still alive i am one of your biggest fan.

  7. crushey says:

    i wish macaulay culkin stays as kevin mc callister and never grow up. i know that someday culkin will reveal himself and tell the people that he is still alive!

  8. miameea says:

    macaulay culkin if you are still alive ,change your attitudes and be a good man .
    Let GOD change you!

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