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Selena Gomez Is Not Looking For Another Justin Bieber

selena gomez

Selena Gomez may have dated Justin Bieber for a couple of years, but since she finally cut the cord with that asshole, she’s enjoying being single and is definitely not looking for another relationship anytime soon.

From The Sun:

“It makes you more wary sometimes about meeting people because you don’t know whether they want to get close to you because of what you do or because they really like your company and just want to hang out with you.

“I’m a big romantic and I want to be very open and trusting but you need to protect yourself. I’d love to have a great boyfriend but I’m not really looking for one.”

I don’t blame you, girl. If I was dating a monkey-toting, no-shirt wearing, face-spitting piece of shit like that, I’d probably swear off love for a while, myself. When she does get back in the game, I’m sure she’ll have no problem finding someone new. For now, live it up – spring break forever, bitches!!

Below, some photos of Selena being adorable and looking about 12.


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  • In other words .. Her profile is high her carreer is peaking so she doesn’t need JB anymore