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Jeremy Renner and His (Ex?) Girlfriend Person Had a Baby!

jeremy renner

Jeremy Renner and Sonni Pacheco – a woman with whom he certainly had sex but may or may not have ever actually otherwise been involved with – have had a baby! Hurrah! It was announced on Friday that the pair had become parents to a little girl named Ava Berlin Renner on March 28, with Renner’s publicist issuing the following statement:

“They are beyond thrilled. Mother and daughter are doing great.”

The only thing that’s missing here is an “over the moon” and I think the circle would be complete.

Jeremy’s not the first star to knock a lady up that he’s not actually with, and it’s no surprise, given his penchant for popping Viagra. An “insider” told US Weekly that he’s going to be a “great dad” and added at the time that Renner was trying to keep shit under wraps but Sonni wasn’t hiding the fact that she was expecting a child. Would be kind of hard to hide the fact that you’re growing a person inside you, but whatever. I guess it would upset him since this is the same guy who broke up with girlfriend Jess Macallan because she wanted to be an actress and took all the attention off wittle bitty Jeremy:

“That was part of the issue,” Renner explained of Macallan, who is now married. “I was going through the Hurt Locker campaign and she’s like, ‘Where do I get headshots?'”

Anyway, here’s to the “thrilled” non-couple!