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Stevie Nicks Used To Really, Really Like Cocaine

stevie nicks

Stevie Nicks is a living legend, and one who used to do a whole lot of drugs back in the day. She’s since tucked her mirror and rolled $20 bill away in a hope chest alongside her peasant skirts and dream catchers, but there was a time when Stevie wouldn’t leave her house without a shitload of cocaine in her shoes.

Opening up on Oprah’s new Master Class series (via KHON), Stevie recalled:

Nicks says, “Everybody else thought you looked beautiful but that’s because everybody else was stoned. You didn’t look beautiful; you looked high.”

She admits her cocaine habit almost killed her, adding, “I went to a plastic surgeon and he looked in my nose and said, ‘You have a really big hole in your nose; it’s very dangerous… Your next hit of coke could be your last hit of anything.”

And now she’s determined to steer others away from getting hooked on the “stupid drug”, adding, “My only advice to anybody who is watching me talk right now is to say, ‘Save your money, because it’s gonna cost you $50,000 to go to rehab… You will have to go or you will die.'”

Fair enough. Cocaine is a helluva drug, in the words of the late Rick James. It’ll f-ck you up before you even realise it, but shit, at least she got ‘Landslide’ out of it (among countless others).

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  • Not to nitpick or anything but this is pretty well known. I mean Stevie is one of the poster children for cocaine abuse in the 70s.

  • Fleetwood Mac, Stevie nicks true icon to rock-n-roll history.
    Her lyrics to the music she made was such a important part of my life in my most darkest moments.
    Thank you: Ms Nicks for person..

  • I dunno ’bout you folks but once I got paid to use my brain for a living, the hard stuff had to take a back seat. I haven’t looked .. er.. ah.. back.. since then. No regrets for having a bit of fun way back in da day, but it is of no interest whatsoever to me now…

  • Is this really even news? I feel like everyone who knows anything about this era of music let alone this band would already know this. Right?

  • I knew a guy from my gym who use to abuse cocaine and he said he could take a tissue and put it up one nostril and pull it out the other nostril because of a hole in his nose!