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TMZ Thought Ringo Died

ringo starr

Ringo, poor Ringo. TMZ brought some sad lolz when they asked Tommy Chong a question about pot (really? him?). As posted on their site, once you click the video:

Weed master Tommy Chong has smoked out his fair share of celebs … including 3 of the 4 Beatles … so when we asked who’s the ONE famous person he’s dying to get high with … it’s no surprise he named the last Beatle standing.

There are two Beatles standing: Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. TMZ thought Ringo died or forgot that he ever existed. Either way, it’s sad trombone for the Beatles drummer. Reminds me of this:


ringo starr beatle remaining

And this:


ringo lol beatles

Who is YOUR favorite Beatle?

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  • George and Ringo hands down, George was an awesome guitarist & Ringo was just fuckin cool. Paul was too mainstream and John, though brilliant, was a temperamental pain in the ass

  • Saw them 3 times in concert, yes I’m old but when I was a kid I loved Ringo because he was funny and the outsider and when I got older John won me over till Yoko and love changed him but he and his music still hold a special place in my heart always. I love them all, their music got me through some tough times.

  • The article states he had already had 3 of the 4 Beatles. Therefore, Paul, in reference to this alone could be the last man standing.

    That said, George, I had a thing for his teeth. Yeah, weird. Whatever.

    • I dug the teeth too. Total George crush as a teenager. Anyway….poor Ringo! I always skip the tunes he sings on, it’s true.