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Ashley Greene’s Condo Burned Down Because Of A Candle

ashley greene

Ashley Greene‘s condo burned down yesterday. Though she, her brother, her boyfriend, and one of her dogs made it out safely, her other dog died.

:( I don’t ever use emoticons but I don’t even know how to express my sadness for her in words. Also sad is that the fire sent three people to the hospital. No word on their exact condition yet, but they are believed to be doing okay.

Oh God, and here’s the worst part: this all started because of a candle in the living room. A simple candle that accidentally somehow fell on the couch and grew into an uncontrollable fire. I often light candles in in my apartment, and I’m hesitant to even run to the bathroom while leaving them lit and unattended in the living room. Yes, it’s rare that these things happen. But it did, and Ms. Greene is apparently feeling guilty and devastated.

I guess this serves as a good wake-up call. There are accidents happen that we can prevent and we can’t take anything for granted.

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    • Watch out for funky glass votives made by P____Lite. They are defective. I’ve had them crack while burning a tealight in them and they candles fell from the wall sconce to the carpet. When they say not to leave a burning candle unattended – they are not joking.

  • Were the fire alarms dozing off too? Seems a reasonably sensitive fire alarm would have prevented “an uncontrollable fire.” Hell, the one in our kitchen goes off if one corner of a bread slice burns in the toaster….

    But I feel very sorry for Ashley, losing her home and a beloved pet.

    • No kidding! It’s a violation of Fire Department code if you don’t have an adequate number of smoke alarms. She probably owns the apartment and didn’t bother installing any smoke alarms at all from the way things happened. Poor thing. This will weigh heavily on her soul forever….losing her poor little dog like that. I hope we all learn a lesson from this tragedy. :( RIP Pooch.

  • But where I come from (Quebec, Canada) the fire dept. carries out regular inspections everywhere (home, offices, apts) to make sure all fire alarms are in working order. People sometimes just forget…