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Lana Del Rey Wins Awards While Dressed Like Cleopatra

lana del rey echo award

Lana Del Rey won two awards at the Echo Awards last night. What the hell are the Echo Awards? Good question! The Echo Awards are like of like the Grammy’s for Germany. They were held in Berlin. Obviously it’s going to be something European, since they love Lana there. She is L’Officiel’s latest cover girl and Brit Award winner for Best International Solo Female Artist.

At the Echos she won Best International Newcomer and Best International Female Pop/Rock Artist. She also posed with former First Lady of France Carla Bruni. Then Ms. Bruni performed at the show, as she is a lovely guitar player and singer. YEEEEAAAH, EUROPE!!!

Okay, honestly, I don’t love Lana’s look. It’s kind of like 1960’s Pricilla Presley but without any warmth to it. Kind of a bummer because she had a much cuter look at a charity dinner the night before. (Included in gallery below.)

BTW how ugly are these Echo awards???

award winner lana del rey echos

ANYWAY, enjoy these photos of more of Ms. Del Rey’s icy Pricillopatra look. Also got some of her with Carla Bruni in there.


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  • I just do not get this girls appeal. I don’t find her sexy at all. Wow. Low-budget Priscilla and that’s saying a lot because priscilla was low budget. sad.

  • It’s not the greatest look but at least it’s simple and we aren’t seeing her bum thru a see thru dress or any of those shenanigans.

    are you kidding?
    First mrs Bruni is no more first lady, and that’s a good thing.
    And you may not know it but while mr Bruni was partying with lana del rey in berlin, her husband ex president mr Sarkozy is beeing under indictment (sorry for the langage mistakes) by french justice for an illegal financing of his electoral campaign.And thats the only thing french juges could use to caught him even if he’s done many others mafia things.So he may be finnaly judged and punish for all these things and not be able to be president again.
    The country of europe are all gradually ecomically dying of austerity. All because of non elected institution (FMI, troika etc..) that took our sovereignty and are acting like dictators towards the common. And who gave the sovereignty of france to the eurropean union without the agreement of people?
    Sarkozy, amongst others, but HE was the president. Now Europe is just a huge mess, a terrible mess, were people are dying.
    I’m glad is wife is having fun, eurropean people have forgotten the taste of smile .And all media absolutly don’t care.

    • All I have to say is that I clearly stated “former First Lady of France Carla Bruni.” Former.

  • Her laterst vídeo is sorta weird, with a lot of older, balding, men kissing her and cuddling with her so I think she goes for the weird fator a bit, hence the Priscilla Presley look.