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Fatal Fire In Ashley Greene’s Apartment

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Ashley Greene‘s apartment in West Hollywood went up in flames today. And sadly…one of her dogs didn’t make it. :( Oh God, I can’t even. Ms. Greene, her boyfriend, her brother, and one other dog are all okay.

No one knows yet what started the fire. Daily Mail reports that it began on the couch. TMZ offers the same info, adding,

12:16 PM PT A firefighter tells us … Ashley, her boyfriend and her brother were out late last night and were sleeping when the fire broke out on the living room sofa.  They ran out of the apartment, and then realized the dogs were still there.  The 2 men tried to get back in to rescue them but couldn’t.  We’re told Ashley wanted to keep the dog that died, so firefighters wrapped it in a sheet and gave it either to Ashley or one of the 2 guys.

Oh God :( again.

There are also conflicting reports as to whether two or three people separate people were treated for injury and/or burns. Eonline! reports three.

Ms. Greene lives on the 3rd floor of the old school Granville Towers. My heart is aching for her right now.

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