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Beautiful Eva Mendes Thinks Beauty Can Be Pretty Boring

eva mendes

I don’t really care much either way for Eva Mendes, but it’s sort of silly when someone who’s generally known to be beautiful starts spouting off about how beauty is sort of boring and she’s not that into it. Well, isn’t that nice? It’s like someone who’s a size 0 saying it doesn’t matter if you’re fat – well, I would imagine not, since you’re thin! Anyway, I digress. Eva isn’t into vain dudes (TGFG – Thank God for Gosling) and also doesn’t really care much about being sexy on screen, I guess.

From The Sun:

Eva — who stars alongside boyfriend Ryan in The Place Beyond The Pines — finds vain men a turn-off and says: “Beauty can be boring in some ways, especially if you’re with a guy who is focused on his looks all the time.

“I know a lot of actors who are totally obsessed with creating a certain look, whether it’s very polished or very street. I definitely don’t need that in a man. A real man doesn’t fuss about his appearance.”

As for her own undeniable beauty, Eva says: “Sexiness can be great and powerful as long as that’s not all there is to your character or what the director wants to draw out of you for your character.

“Being sexy is just one component of who I am — it’s a thing I can be. It’s a side of myself I can tap into, just like I can tap into my funny side, my quirky side or my dramatic side. It’s not what I am.”

I mean, fair enough. Nothing’s worse than a vain asshole dude (or lady), and it’s not her fault she’s sexy – nothing wrong with that. I do think she’s a bit of a sub-par actress, though. Still, it’s hard to criticize Eva for talking about beauty and how unimportant it is in an industry which insists it’s the most important thing, because it’s exactly the point. No one ever question’s George Clooney‘s career viability (or legitimacy) because he’s also rather dashing. But because she’s a lady, she can’t possibly be anything but sexy. Ay carumba.

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