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David Bowie Awesomes His Way To Number One

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David Bowie‘s album The Next Day has hit the #1 spot in the UK charts. It is the first time Sir Bowie has had a #1 record in 20 years. David Bulging Tights Bowie could easily take the #1 slot in the USA as well, but he’ll have to fight Jon Bon Jovi to get it. Seriously.  David Hunky Freakin’ Dory Bowie and Bon Jovi are the top selling artists. Cue this:

robin williams meme

NO BUT REALLY, I’m psyched over this even though the Jov will likely beat Mr. Bowie, according to the Atlantic Wire:

Though the final lineup for next week’s Billboard 200 won’t be released until Wednesday, the data point to Bon Jovi selling around 90,000 albums and topping US charts with its latest album, “What About Now.” Pending any last minute surge in sales — topping the charts in the UK certainly can’t hurt his chances — David Bowie’s expected to slide into second place having sold a respectable 80,000 copies of his latest. This would still be a big win, since the best Bowie’s ever done in the US is a number three hit with his 1976 album “Station to Station.”

The Bowie is so over touring, but there’s been chatter of the possibility. Says his wife, Iman,

We have a 12 year old in school, so we are stuck, we can’t travel. Our schedule is around her, so I don’t know. We’ll have to go visit him, but we won’t be on tour with him because she’s in school. (viaHuffington Post.)

To me that sounds like she’s shooting down the idea but to others it sounds like she’s suggesting it’s happening. SO WHO KNOWS.


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  • My love for Bowie knows no bounds, but that gif… unf. Tilda Swinton was already my spirit animal, and then she goes and does a video with Bowie the same year she makes a vampire movie with Tom Hiddleston. WHY CAN’T I BE HER.

  • When the two coolest people on the planet collaborate – with style and humor – then all is right with the world. Now if we could just get Bowie’s ex-wife to shut the f up —

  • Her 15 seconds of fame was up decades ago — she reminds me a bit of Courtney Love (who at least had talent)- that hyper-can’t-stop-talking-for-a-minute crazy!!!

    • Word. She’s an inevitability… any time Bowie gets any press at all, for anything, she’s gonna pop up with her insanity.

      • Sadly – the 10 year gag order he had ran out :) – allowing her to spew. it’s very telling that their son wants nothing to do with her. Long live Iman!

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