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Adele Has Conquered The World But Doesn’t Have a Driver’s License


Adele has been enjoying her time out of the spotlight after the massive success of her sophomore album, 21, having babies and hanging out with Jennifer Lawrence and all that jazz. One thing she hasn’t done? Gotten her driver’s license. Wow, okay, loser! God, like, who doesn’t drive? (Me, that’s who! Nearly 29 and only ever got my permit 10 years ago!)

From The Sun:

She’s won countless awards, had the best-selling British album of the 21st Century and popped out sprog ANGELO.

But the singer has another challenge in her sights… her driving test.

Adele is keen to ditch the L-plates so she can ferry her son and get around whenever she fancies.

A source said: “She’s never taken a test because of her busy schedule over the past few years.

“Now she’s back in the country she wants to use her downtime to finally pass her test.

“She may have various awards to her name but all she wants is her driving test certificate.

“There will be no sports cars though – she is eyeing up a more family-friendly car so she can carry the whole clan.”

I’ve lived in New York City since I graduated high school, so I never really needed a car. Now that I’m spending half my time in the UK, though, I’ll have to think about getting my license, though, which both excites and ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIES me. Have you ever actually thought about the fact that you’re in control of a giant hunk of metal that could KILL PEOPLE (even yourself) if something goes wrong? I’m not prepared to wield such power. I should probably get a grip.

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    • Honestly, you all should do it. It’s so liberating. Like Adele, I didn’t get my license until after my son was born, so I was sort of in the same boat. I know it’s intimidating, but think of it this way: if they give sixteen year olds their licenses, I’m sure you’ll have no trouble.

  • I learned to drive when I was 30 years old and absolutely needed it – suburban California isn’t Sofia or London. I was pregnant when I took my test, and I almost failed although I had a lot of practice and I’m otherwise a good driver. I was heavily pregnant in the months afterwards and I didn’t dare to go on the freeway. Still don’t. I know I can, and I really enjoy cruising and city driving (I’m a defensive driver but I’m zippy and I like to blast my music loud) but the freeway freaks me out way too much. Even country roads are somewhat unnerving. Cars are tricky. Even if you are a perfect driver, many others are not. But it’s true, it’s liberating once you learn.