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Harry Styles Has the Hots For Jennifer Lawrence Now

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Harry Styles usually goes for women that are old enough to be his mother since girls his own age rarely put out or whatever, but he’s staying in his peer group for now and is apparently interested in bagging Jennifer Lawrence. He apparently went so far as to tweet a fake account (she’s not even on Twitter) in hopes of getting closer. Since JLaw has a molecule of common sense, there’s a better chance of Lindsay Lohan going to prison for 10 years than there is of Harry getting into her pants, but whatever.

From Heat:

Before the Oscars Harry also tweeted to say that he thought Jennifer deserved to win an Oscar, but it turned out that he’d not actually seen Silver Linings Playbook because a few days later he tweeted that he’s just watched the film and that he “really liked it.”

“He was hoping to start chatting to her casually on Twitter – he’s done it with loads of other celebs before – but didn’t realise it wasn’t the real Jennifer Lawrence,” a source tells heat exclusively

“He’s not getting ahead of himself, but he’d love to meet her – though she’s one of the few girls he might not be able to keep his cool around.”

This is so random and bizarre that it’s probably not true, but God bless him if it is. After all, who doesn’t have a little crush on Jennifer Lawrence? She’s hilarious, intelligent, a great actress, down-to-earth and pretty. Sounds like a good combo to me. Still, being so great means she’ll have her pick of the litter and I don’t think ‘womanizing member of a here today/gone tomorrow boy band’ is anywhere on her list. Who knows, though? Crazier things have happened.

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  • Little boys don’t have a chance in hell with Jennifer Lawrence(she is lesbian idiots) She was filming&breaking backstage and told all on the set she is Lesbian&(Miley Cyrus replies&asked her “Thats awful-no way would i do that- then said “Will you show me how?” Blind item revealed on (Dark days& Crazy nights) ha ha Jennifer would do Taylor but not Harry(plus she is very close to Swift)

  • What a lot people fail to see is that Harry actually enjoys a certain someone’s penis. He’s a bottom. His boyfriend has a great bum, french type name, and a good singing voice, wonder who he is ;)

  • he is genuinely dating his bandmate Louis Tomlinson. There are so many off things about the way they’re portrayed to the public, too many awkward cover ups and slip ups. It is very obvious when you see how they interact with each other that they really love each other. The media is too desperate to show Harry has some hypersexual teenager and they try and make Louis seem head over heels in love with his “gf”

    • I BELIEVE IT. These PR matchmaking set-ups are pathetic & constant – I see right through them.

  • Harry is adorable, but I’m not sure about him and J-Law… I think he should get together with Cara Delevingne :)