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Stressful Marriage Put Shayne Lamas In The Hospital


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Shayne Lamas is in the hospital because of her marriage. Do you guys remember Shayne Lamas? She was the “winner” of The Bachelor‘s season twelve. Season twelve. Mother of God. She’s known for doing other reality show type of things and for marrying Nik Richie, the founder of The Dirty, the most hated website ever made.

In 2008, after splitting with the British millionaire Bachelor of that season, she married Mr. Richie about three years later and they had a daughter. And a year after that, they appeared on the television show Couples Therapy on VH1. Apparently Ms. Lamas found texts that her husband had been exchanging with another woman, so they went on the show to…I don’t even know. Work it out? Talk about it? And then get this. In the season finale of the show…they renewed their wedding vows. This show sounds even more messed up than The Bachelor.

Now it seems like maybe their marriage isn’t going so well, because Shayne was, according to EOnline, “Hospitalized [Tuesday] night to be treated for stress brought on by their marital troubles.” What? What does that even mean? I’m not doubting that people are hospitalized for stress, I just don’t know what “marital troubles” means or why you would say that. Nik Richie released a statement:

I love Shayne, but sometimes love isn’t enough. I’m hoping everyone can respect our privacy as we sort out our personal issues. Thank you.

What the hell is this? Who does this? Who says that about their spouse? Especially while they’re in the hospital? What’s going on? Where am I? Am I hungry? So many questions.

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  • I am a regular on the ” the dirty ” and it is the rudest site that exist ! This guy is a piece of work ! I don’t know why she would ever have married him to begin with ! She need to get away from him ! He verbally beats women down to the point of being sick ! He thinks of him self as some sort of god ! I don’t even know why I read the site because I always come away screaming to myself ! I don’t both to post anything because I would be there all day telling him his the biggest asshole ever !!!!

  • A man with anger issues can pick on his spouse to the point of nervous breakdown. I had a man like that for 3 months. Half of my hair fell out. He would “manage” his anger by screaming at me. Before I came, he screamed at his Mother. After I left, he screamed at his Mother. He’s still raging at someone, I’m sure – since it’s never the angry one’s fault in their mind.

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