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Mindy Kaling Is Writing Another Memoir Already

mindy kaling

Mindy Kaling already wrote one book – Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? – back in 2011. The book detailed her experiences growing up and was a funny, intelligent collection of anecdotes that pretty much every woman aged 18 – 35 really enjoyed. If you fall within that demographic (or are just a fan anyway), here’s some good news: she’s writing another memoir already!

From Vulture:

The star and creator of The Mindy Project told the crowd at Friday’s PaleyFest that, now that Fox has re-upped her show, she’ll spend her free time before the next season writing a book. The followup to September 2012’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? doesn’t have a title yet, but Kaling said that its subject will be “the high highs and low lows of the past 18 months.” The publish date is in “like a year and a half,” which is when she’ll have to start on another book if she wants to keep up the pattern.

Kewl beanz and all, but is an 18 month period of time working on a sitcom that’s not even all that major at this point (considering it’s only had one season) worth writing an entire book about? I’m a bit torn on this. Methinks Mindy might be getting a bit trigger happy. Of course, she could have lots of fun little behind-the-scenes stories and can stretch it out, but I worry that we might get oversaturated. That’s like Tina Fey writing a Bossypants 2 that’s strictly about filming the last episode of 30 Rock. (For the record, I love Tina Fey but was incredibly underwhelmed by Bossypants.) Oh well, we all know I’ll end up with the eBook that I’ll only ever read while I’m waiting for the laundry to finish.

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  • I am SO TIRED of her! From the futile attempts to ‘pass’, to supporting mittens, to having to ‘struggle’ as a legacy at Harvard (her mom is an ob-gyn). Se is actually pretty rotten. Oh, if only a white guy would marry her!

  • Mindy’s mother recently passed away and she started her own show. It seems like a lot happened in her life since her last book and I can’t wait to read anything else that she writes.