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Nick Cannon Wants to Spank His Children

nick cannon

Nick Cannon, actor/rapper and Mariah‘s husband, is really psyched about spanking his kids. As he told US Weekly,

I got my belt out already! It’s ready.

Chill out dude. Their twins, daughter Monroe and son Moroccan, turn two the 30th of April. Mr. Cannon shared more of his parenting techniques with the magazine:

On who’s the tougher parent: “Who do you think? Me! I don’t play that!”

On when his kids can listen to his music: “When they can go to the club!”

On when they can start dating: “Oh, no, my son can date at, like, 3 if he wants, but my daughter, never.”

Ahhhh gotta love those double-standards. Ugh.

Do you spank your kids? Were you spanked growing up?

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  • I hope/assume he’s joking. I mean, could you imagine? The wrath of Mariah Carey when someone dares spank her little angels?? I don’t imagine that lasting long.

  • I was brutally spanked (only once, but by a parent, which always hurts worse) as a child and never completely got over it. All you teach the child is hate and a desire for revenge.

    Especially pants down spanking… Humiliation of that typ is the gift that just keeps on giving.

    Only unimaginative parents resort to spanking. If you were really tuned into your kid, you would never even imagine doing such a thing.

    Nick, you macho, fucking uneducated asshole. Get a nanny if you can’t handle any type of progressive parenting. Please, please do.

    Oh, and somebody please call social services. Derelict Daddy unable to expunge un-expiated rage at his upbringing is going to justify it by repetition.

    Rich fucking assholes who obviously need extensive therapy, create completely new regimes

    • You clearly have some issues you need to work out with you parents. You clearly also have no clue what Nick Cannon’s persona is. He is a comedian. He isnt serious.

  • We had the wooden spoon in our house… only when we very young though. A bit of a smack on the (fully clothed) bum never hurt anyone. I agree maybe there are better alternatives but meh, kids these days really don’t have enough respect. Can’t say I’d get excited at the idea of whacking my children though, like this dude…

    Also UGH. Double-standards. I cannot deal with it when parents act like that, especially the men. I realise that they want to protect their daughters but they wouldn’t have to if they didn’t simultaneously encourage their sons to be ‘players’.

  • I don’t plan on having children, but if I did I would definitely let them know what’s up if they got out of hand. I mean, I remember some of the stuff I would say or do as a kid where I rightfully deserved a swipe from the flyswatter. I turned out alright.

    He does sound a little too excited, though.

  • Creative punishment that fits the crime is the best part of parenting for me. When my boy was little and decided to pee on the front steps, watching him outside with a scrub brush and bucket was fun. When he skipped school, going down to the school to hand out flyers to all his friends with a baby picture of him on the potty asking if they had seen him was even funnier. No spanking is necessary. The double standard parenting doesn’t do either sex any favours. The only difference between a slut and a liberated woman is a slut sleeps around to gain approval and a liberated woman sleeps with whomever she wants because its HER body and HER choice. Knocking lessons into the boy’s head like “take you time”, “masterbate”, and “have some self-respect” took some effort, but being a woman has given me insight into what women want and need; something I reminded my son of every chance I got when he was old enough to notice girls. In my opinion, good parenting is finding the balance point between being a good friend and being a trustworthy authority figure. If you do it right, they eventually move out and become productive members of society, but if a kid never learns to trust their own judgement (because they are too afraid to make a mistake for fear of getting the belt) or their bodies (because they start having sex too early or are so repressed they come to fear it) they aren’t ever going to be much use to anyone.

  • I didn’t get spanked by there was definitely a fear instilled in my brain from my mom. I acted right from that little whisper in your ear and neck grip.

  • I got spanked when I was little. It was never a common thing, or even every time I got into trouble. It was when I did not learn my lesson. My parents gave me the three strikes and then the spank. I don’t mind at all that they did it either. It’s whatevs.

  • Spanking is unacceptable. Under all circumstances.

    It is SO distressing to hear someone speak of it so cavalierly. Particularly when a belt is involved — which, you know, should also involve Social Services and police if that happens.

    Not that “milder” forms of spanking are okay. Ever.

    • Really? All circumstances? Plenty of parents have whacked their kids at least once or twice. We’re not talking sustained abuse, we’re talking letting them know they’ve pushed things waaaay too far on very rare and deserving occasions. I particularly remember getting a slap that I knew, even before it came, I thoroughly deserved. You seem a little oversensitive.

      • No. There are no circumstances in which domestic violence (including any degree of striking one’s child, spouse, or significant other) is an acceptable course of action. I find the fact that some people feel that this is up for debate deeply, deeply disturbing.

  • “I got my belt out! It’s already”. That’s because Mariah loves to be spanked on her bare phat ass !!!

  • Try Proverbs 23: 13-14.

    “Do not withhold discipline from a child; if you beat him with a rod, he will not die. If you beat him with the rod you will save his soul from Sheol.”

    “Sheol” is often translated as “hell,” but it has more general meaning of death or the grave.

    “Spare the rod and spoil the child” is from Proverbs 13-24.

    Only when they’re very rebellious. Think about it you could be saving their life….ya their physical life but also their eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior. Hell is a trillion times worse than the worst spanking so its all relative.

    Build yourself up on your most holy faith
    Praying in the holy ghost
    Keep yourselves in the love of God
    Looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ
    Unto Eternal Life

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