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Miley Cyrus’ New Music Will Shut You Up

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Miley Cyrus has clearly had enough of your bullshit. She recently quit Twitter – well, sort of – after everyone found out that fiancé Liam Hemsworth most likely cheated on her with January Jones or Emma Watson or some other bit on the side. I say “sort of” because she returned to the social networking site soon after, but only to let all you haters know that once her new music comes out, your ass is grass. Basically, she thinks it’ll render you speechless.

Aight, fair enough – I don’t really need her to talk about her personal life. But I also don’t need her to talk about her music, yknow? Just put out another ‘Party In the USA’ (shouts to Jessie J!) and we’ll call it even stevens.

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  • Is she going to sing about her ugly hair? Maybe he cheated cause he likes feminine looking women.

  • What’s that .bz twatter handle? PR posing as a fan, hmmm? They’ve already heard her shitty music; they’re just pumpin’ her up & strokin’ her ego. Liars. All of ’em.

  • What is wrong with you people, the girl has been with this boy for over 3 years, HE cheats and SHE is the skank? And how is short hair not feminine? I’m not a fan of her work but how dare you people. You know nothing about her and you’re just being assholes. Jealous of her success maybe, whether she deserves it or not.

    • I agree! Cheating is the most hurtful thing you could ever do to your partner! I’m not a fan of hers but I don’t wish that pain on anyone except of course him and the bitch he cheated with! Yes I’m spitful!

  • I think she is a amazing singer and actres:) and it’s not right tht he cheated on her he’s a idiot for doing that, she’s an amazing lady and I don’t no why people is being mean to her and about her it’s not nice, she’s a lady who is famous and sings and makes DVDs and that let her do what she wants in life and be nice you all don’t no her that well, but her true fans no her well and will stick by her. I don’t no why people are turning agenest her. She’s done nothing wrong to you lot and anyone. She cut her hair the way she wanted it and she wants to keep it that way it’s up to her and she looks fine and smart with her new cut :) I like miley Cyrus she’s amazing singer and actress and ill always like her :) x and she has made great susses in life an bet none of you have!x