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Chris Brown Got Into A Fight Over Ten Dollars

chris brown

Chris Brown is a cheap selfish entitled jerk who got into a fight with a valet guy because he didn’t want to pay the $10 charge. Oh. My. God. Chris. Brown. Pick your battles. Hint: don’t pick ANY battles.

TMZ obtained a video of the incident outside of Pinz Bowling Alley in Studio City. “Give me my f-cking keys,” Brown yells in the valet attendant’s face. He and his entourage surround the valet stand demanding Brown’s keys, cursing. Then Brown gives up and takes off in his crazy expensive car, complaining the whole damn time.

Brown’s sources followed up with TMZ saying that it wasn’t the $10, it was that apparently everyone else was being charged $5. “Chris says it’s not about the money … it’s the principle of the thing.” Oh. My. God. Chris. Brown.

The complete lack of self awareness on your part continues to amaze me. What are you doing? Let the valet charge you $20, who cares? Who are you to complain about fairness? What does it really matter to you? And if it does piss you off, why would you display your anger and then not follow up with an apology, to, if anything, save your own ass?

You can read even more bullshit about the incident at TMZ.

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  • Hahahaha. This is so ridiculous. This is like what happened back in 2009 with a guy who plays for the Chicago Blackhawks. He attacked a cab driver because the dude didn’t have enough money to give him change. How much change? 20 cents. Homeboy’s base salary was $875,000 that year, and he punched the guy because he didn’t have 20 fucking cents. Assholes, both of them.

  • I actually agree that if the valet is overcharging simply because CB is famous, then that’s unfair and abuse of the situation. That being said, I wouldn’t “surround” the valet with my entourage and make a scene if I was him….people already hate him, and $5 isn’t worth the bad press.

  • Jesus. We’re talking about five frickin dollars. It isn’t like the valet was trying to shake him down for any significant sum. Plus, it was a charity event. Plus, normal people tip the valet. I don’t get how this guy is allowed to act like such an entitled, arrogant rage-monster. According to the video this punk-ass used terroristic threats against a valet over $5. loser.

  • One of these days he will fuck with the wrong person and end up with a bullet in his head. I will not feel sorry for him.

  • i do not care for chris but it is wrong for ask for more because he is known as rich. how will it go if every one charge more for every thing milk or meal or clothes or car. it seems unfair. i will not judge it seems silly he ask for more like this it might get worse. think of this you go buy drink normal person charge 1 dollar next store tell famous person drink is 100 dollar. he might of got bigger tip if he did not lie of cost.

    • I’ll bet ten dollars that the story isn’t true. His posse or handlers made this up. I think he was inside the event and someone disrespected him and he went outside and had a meltdown .

      • It’s on camera, even more proof this monkey needs his ass kicked. So tough that he needs a whole entourage for $5. I hope he dies and goes away SOON

  • im usually the first person to stand up for Chris Brown, but what a complete douche. He’s throwing a bitch fit over $10 when he’s driving a $100,000 car. IDIOT.

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