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Pink Thinks She Looks Pretty Great Chubby

Pink is so great. She had an adorable baby girl called Willow with husband Cary Hart a couple of years ago and is still working on getting her body back to where it was before her pregnancy. That in and of itself is a miracle – most celebrities are desperate to be back to size 0 before they’re even out of the hospital. Not Pink, though – she loved being pregnant, eating whatever she wanted and actually, she didn’t mind being “chubby” at all.

From The Mirror:

“I’m almost there, but I’m not in tour shape yet. I mean I train hard; I train five days a week for an hour and a half a day, plus rehearsals. But I eat a lot – I like food and I like wine, carbs, bread, cheese, pasta. The worst shit. It’s so yummy! Being pregnant was awesome. I knew that as soon as I got pregnant I was going to eat chicken wings and cheesecake.”

“I thought I’d lose it a lot easier. I’m totally OK with it though and definitely don’t spend time thinking about it. It doesn’t stop me enjoying my life. I also have the opposite of body dysmorphia where when I’m a bit chubby, I think I look kind of great. I’m like, ‘Damn, you look good!’ And everyone else is like, ‘No, you’re fat’. I’m like a 400lb Italian woman on the inside screaming to get out. All I want to do is walk barefoot in my kitchen and eat pasta. I wish fat was in because I’d be so good at it!”

Of course, it’s easy for someone who’s definitely NOT fat (and in fact, completely ripped) to be flippant about her “fat” experience, but everything about Pink just strikes me as so genuine and sincere that it doesn’t bother me like it would if it were coming from, say, Anne Hathaway or something.

Anyway, most women do look a bit better with a little meat on their bones, so to speak, as being uber skinny (unless that’s your actual, natural body type) just makes you look sallow, ill and 10 years older. I couldn’t live without carbs.

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  • As long as she’s healthy and happy in her own skin that’s all that matters ! I’m sure she doesn’t leave her kid with a nanny so she can go to the gym ! she is doing far more important things , like taking care of that precious baby ! She is a very talented sing and I’m sure 5 pounds don’t effect that so I think she should just take this time to enough her new family ! Her career is singing and there is plenty of singer that are over weight and have incredible voices ! There are so many other important thing in life then losing those 5 extra pounds ! I’m sure she has so much going on !

  • I remember reading years ago her saying that her weight creeps up on her because she gains evenly all over, so she’ll go up 20+ lbs before she really notices. I think it was around the time that she put out that “Trouble” video that was in the old western town. I love that video. She’s just awesome.

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