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Jared Leto Got A Tattoo For Twitter

jared leto twitter tattoo

Jared Leto told Twitter that when he hits 1 million twitter followers, he would get a tattoo. Well he did. And he did. He got this giant tattoo on his back. I’m still not convinced this isn’t a joke. But here it is. The photo was posted on his Instagram account and E Online picked up the story. When the hell did Twitter get this important?

He also seems to really want to show Zach Braff. On Monday he tweeted, “i will show you me showing zach my tat” What am I missing here? I know that they’re friends but do they have a…a tattoo thing?

I went to get more info on Jared Leto’s Twitter, but as of Tuesday night, 11PM, pacific coast time, it’s gone. Somehow we must persevere without Jared Leto’s Twitter account. Can we do it? Are we strong enough?

It will probably come back. Twitter accounts come and go; unfortunately that tattoo is pretty stuck on there.

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  • I’ll try to interpret the symbol.

    The back piece is a circle – split in 2 – symbolizing his Male and Female sides. 2 arrows point out of each half – because his Female side is

    straight and Lesbian and his Male side is gay and straight. The triangles on the elbows state that both sides are officially Tri-sexual (meaning she/he will try anything if drunk or drugged and in Rome).

    :D Ha ha ha Kidding!

    • actually the triangels on his elbows are the logo of his band.

      As for the thing on his back. I think it symbolizes a pizza for 4 persons. It’s just divided in two parts because the 4 persons are 2 couples.

  • IDIOTS!!!
    He already had the tattoo !!!! he said he will how it when he reach the 1m BASTARDS!!!!

  • Hi! Slightly obsessive 30STM fan here (so please don’t flame me for the inevitable infodump. :-D ) The comments are cracking me up! And now I want pizza. In Rome. Possibly drunk. >.>

    The tattoo is called the “Orbis Epsilon”’s a symbol he associates with himself and his band 30 Seconds to Mars. For him, it has meaning (doesn’t really matter whether anyone else gets it.) The triangles are called “triads” – same thing, essentially. Same for the arrows on the backs of his calves (which stem from Norse mythology and the god Tyr. Dude’s all about his symbolism.)

    He’s bulked back up a little and gotten closer to normal (and gotten his eyebrows back, thank goodness) now that he’s no longer filming “The Dallas Buyers Club” …the band has a tour coming up and he needs to be in top shape and his usual “hummingbird on crack” energy level for it, so he’s been working on that. He doesn’t really take himself that seriously, just happens to be a method actor who goes all out for roles.

    His Twitter, along with his brother’s, Tomo Milicevic and the official band accounts are all gone at the moment. We don’t know why, we imagine it’s some sort of publicity stunt, because they are all massive trolls who enjoy playing. Undoubtedly they’ll be back!

    • Why is he obsessed with Tyr? I’m truly curious. I love seeing what symbolic things stars and performers are obsessed with. I don’t know enough about him to understand why he likes Tyr. Does he refer to anything in songs?

      • Nothing in his songs that I know of. He’s a very driven, self-directed learner in his every day life. Tyr’s arrows stand for “order, direction, consequence” so I imagine it’s those elements that he tries to apply to his actions.

        I’m guessing on this, though, I’m just a nutty fan. Don’t know the man personally, beyond his work and a little twitter interaction.

    • I read this from sources, so maybe the sources are wrong, but Perez confirms:

      “The My So-Called Life star promised Twitter that when he reached one million followers, he would get a huge back tattoo and show it off to the world! – See more at:

      again: “when he reached one million followers, he would get a huge back tattoo”

      Which is what everyone was saying. I don’t know Jared Leto, I was going by the sources given and made public, and he didn’t make it clear in is Instagram post, which is now deleted. So before calling me an idiot, factor everything in, okay?

      • Never believe Perez Hilton. He’s full of shenanigans. The official progression was:

        tattoo acquired : twitter explosion of the fans : tattoo reveal promised if 1 mil followers received : more twitter explosion of the fans : tattoo revealed on twitter/instagram.

  • COCAINE, BAY-BEH! Can’t stand this self obsessed fool. Well, I would make an exception for his teenage self and that MF’in choker necklace…*Mmm* Jordan Catalano…somebodeh get me a time machine…I’ll pay big bucks…

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