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It’s A Boy For Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa

kanye west ex

Amber Rose, ex of Kanye, and Wiz Khalifa, rapper, had their first child, a baby boy. So A+, Amber Rose!

Khalifa made the announcement on Twitter, like so many of us do nowadays. (I can’t even tell if I’m being sarcastic anymore.)

D’aaawww! And who doesn’t love the name Sebastian?

Ms. Rose stopped dating Mr. West in 2010. Of course we all know who Kanye is dating now. No word yet about the birth from Kanye West.

What I really am curious about, though, is if anyone would make their baby announcement via Twitter. I sort of maybe understand why celebs would do it. It helps out their publicist and lets their fans know as soon as possible. But is there something weird about it? Or is that just me?

For example, Mr. Khalifa tweeted a photo moments before Amber Rose gave birth with the caption, “Daddy time.” I mean…that’s odd, right? Shouldn’t he be focused on the whole…you know…birth?

wiz Khalifa rapper birth

Regardless, congrats to the couple and their healthy baby boy!

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