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Clive Davis Backtracks on Kelly Clarkson Abuse, Remains An Old Asshole

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No one really gives a shit about Clive Davis. I mean, sure, we all know what a music industry legend he is and how many great talents he had a hand in signing and turning into popstars, but do we really care? How many occasions in the past 15 years have you spent more than five seconds thinking about Clive Davis? If the answer is “none”, you’re with the rest of us. Still, all grumpy senior citizens (and some annoying young folks) generally feel that need sometime to write their life stories out in book form and try to sell it to the public – such is the case with Clive, who felt like we need to know that he occasionally likes a little boy toy action and to talk major shit on Kelly Clarkson, who obviously wasn’t having it.

After Kelly tore him a new asshole and called him out for basically bullying her for no reason and outright lying about other aspects of her career, Clive did what all the hip kids do and took to social networking to backtrack on all the smacktalk and try to play the big man by wishing her the best (which is, in reality, probably a giant “go f-ck yourself”).

Via Twitter:

As anyone who has read The Soundtrack of My Life knows, I think Kelly Clarkson is a tremendous vocal talent and performer. In the book, I provide an in-depth look at our years together during which we shared major multi-platinum success, as well as a few creative differences. I am truly very sorry that she has decided to take issue with what I know to be an accurate depiction of our time together. Before the book was published, I had every fact checked with five independent individuals who were present on a daily basis throughout it all. The chapter as it is written was thoroughly verified by each and every one of them. I stand by the chapter as written in my book. At the same time I wish, and will always wish, Kelly’s talent and her career to soar to ever new heights.

Newsflash, Clive – no one read that book, we just read random paragraphs that online news outlets chose to publish. That’s more than enough for my liking. I’m Team Kelly on this one.

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  • So, he has/had five (or more) people who follow him around everywhere for every meeting every day? I’m surprised he was able to have any guy time.