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Brendan Fraser Is Too Broke to Pay Child Support

Brendan Fraser got divorced from ex-wife Afton Smith alllll the way back in 2007, giving her primary custody of their three children Griffin, Holden and Leland who are now 10, 8 and 6 years old, respectively. When the original arrangement was made, syndication fees were still pouring in from The Mummy Returns‘ constant showings on TBS and life was good, so $900,000 per year in child support payments didn’t seem like they would break the bank. The only problem is, Brendan is saying they have broken the bank, after all, and he just can’t afford to be giving Afton that kind of dough anymore.

From The New York Post:

The Mummy movies made him one of the world’s highest-paid actors, but Brendan Fraser suggests that he couldn’t land a job afterward.

His ex-wife isn’t buying it.

In Connecticut court last week, Fraser’s ex, Afton Smith, 45, accused the 44-year-old star of “fraud” for making the claim while allegedly hiding $9 million in new film contracts when they settled their divorce in February 2009.

The allegation came after Fraser went to court to try to reduce the $900,000 in alimony and child support he annually pays his 45-year-old ex-wife, insisting he no longer earns enough to justify that amount.

Court records and testimony reveal that, at the time of his split from the lesser-known actress, Fraser bizarrely claimed that he expected to make $0 — that’s zero dollars — from acting work in the future, despite an impressive résumé of high-grossing films including the three “Mummy” flicks, “Journey to the Center of the Earth” and “George of the Jungle.”

He later claimed he said that because he wasn’t aware of any definite future deals at the time.

Fraser acknowledged he since has acted in several movies — some of which are awaiting release.

But he cited a litany of medical issues that he says have put a “considerable” crimp on his ability to earn future big bucks.

Afton’s lawyer noted that, as of December, the actor had $24.7 million in assets.

Hearings in the legal sequel to Fraser’s nine-year marriage to Afton — with whom he has three young sons — are set to resume in Stamford Superior Court next week, with Fraser still on the witness stand.

Clearly Brendan hasn’t learned that you can’t bullshit a gold digger, especially one who has internet access and can easily see on IMDB that you currently have 11 projects in pre- and post-production for which you are most surely being paid. It’s pretty ridiculous to act like this chick needs $75,000 per month to raise three kids, but then again, if he’s got it, why shouldn’t he be giving a fair share, and why wouldn’t he want his children – nevermind Afton – to enjoy some of the luxuries that he’s able to because of his severely overpaid profession? Pay up, Brendan.

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  • Cough up, bruv. I hate people who bargain on child support, especially those who can afford it. The part that has the children in custody is providing unvaluable care to the children, give them the money.

    • Brendan is not asking to reduce the child support payments! Only the alimony. Take your head out of your ass before making statements that you know nothing of.

  • Are you people insane? You think it’s perfectly reasonable for him to pay $75,000 per month in child support? Really? And I’m sure the ex-wife is putting money aside for those kids, right, out of that $75,000 PER MONTH?

    Please. The ex-wife is just a gold-digger and needs to be slapped back into place.

  • If the father is making 500 a week or 5000 a week the children are entitled to half of that and the father should want to give it to them ! Why would he not want his kids to have it ? He shouldn’t have had kids if he didn’t want to pay for them ! If he was still married the kids would be getting more than half so why he thinks he’s punishing the x wife he’s just punishing his own kids ! Sad :(

    • Half??? While your heart is in the right place, doesn’t the father still have the right to enjoy his earnings and/or to be able to pay his bills? I have no idea what Brendan Frazier’s fiances look like – perhaps his ex left him with a huge pile of bills that he will be digging out from under for years to come. I agree, on the surface it looks clear cut, especially after Frazier said he expected to make $0, really??? Still, if he has been paying his support like he should all this time, and his acting career has been slow as of late, (when is the last time he was a marquee star?), why shouldn’t his payments be reduced? It doesn’t take $900,000 a year to raise three kids. It takes two people to make a kid, and it should be two people responsible for taking care of said kid, including finacially, not just the father.

    • You sound like a gold digger. It is a fact that Brendan is not asking to reduce the child support payments! Only the alimony. Take your head out of your ass before making statements that you know nothing of.

    • You sound like a gold digger. It is a fact that Brendan is not asking to reduce the child support payments! Only the alimony. Take your head out of your ass before making statements that you know nothing of. Women like you will never have a good man.

  • just ONCE i’d like to see the divorced mom take a discreet amount to raise the kids ,go live somewhere quiet {not extravagant}and finish out by living peacefully in the world.but then the divorce might not have happened in the first place if she were like that…
    i’m just guessin’ though…

  • 1 million a year is a fair share!? That’s fucking crazy! What a greedy bitch! I’m sure he’s more than willing to pay for his kids, but it’s the worthless mom asking him for money for herself. Also, when was the last time anyone saw him in anything resembling a successful movie? I’m sure that much money is probably a lot for him.

  • You’ll write an article slagging this guy for not wanting to pay $900k a yr in support but where is the part about on what all this money goes to “support” these kids? Where do they live $$ where do they go to school $$ what are the kids hobbies $$ how many trips to the spa do they need a week $$ Kids that are 10 8 and 6 are very needy expensive ppl. AND most importantly what is the amount of her personal assets $$ Is she spending $75 k a month to keep these kids “happy” or does she have a fat bank account of her own.

  • His career has been stagnant recently. I can’t see someone paying $900,000 per year. He had a long, wonderful, hard working stretch. He should not have to fork over most of it to his ex.

  • the whole question here is the money…the kids should have a trust fund made up for them for the amount 100,000.00 for each child per year…and the ex-wife cant touch…and for her…100,000.00 annually….so we all can tell the bitch… just went from rodeo blvd. to hollywood blvd…

  • This is horrible ‘reporting’. Did Afton Smiths PR team write this? Brendan Fraser is NOT trying to deke out of child support, he has always paid his child support. The $90,000 a year is the alimony he gives his gold-digging ex ON TOP OF his child support. What kind of seld-respecting woman demands $90,000 a year just for being an ex-wife.

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