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Forest Whitaker Gets Falsely Accused of Theft

Because of course he does. Forest Whitaker is an incredibly well-respected actor, but he’s not necessarily someone that Joe Schmoe on the streets would recognise as anyone other than “that guy”, so it only makes sense that he’d go into a bodega (corner store, for the non-New Yorkers) on the Upper West Side and get accused of stealing, publicly frisked and then sent away without so much as an apology when they found absolutely nothing. I don’t want to say this happened because he’s black, but this probably (definitely) happened because he’s black. He’s a minority in an upper class, majorly white neighbourhood – while it could be coincidental, I’ve seen this shit go down too often to give the Milano Market the benefit of the doubt.

From TMZ:

Whitaker — an Academy Award-winning MILLIONAIRE — says he was on his way out of the Milano Market on the Upper West Side Friday when he was stopped by a deli employee and accused of swiping an item from the shelf.

An eyewitness tells TMZ … the employee proceeded to frisk Whitaker in plain view … treating him as if he were a common criminal.

Shocker, the employee’s pat down yielded zilch … and Forest left the establishment baffled and angry.

Whitaker’s rep tells TMZ, “This was an upsetting incident given the fact that Forest did nothing more than walk into the deli. What is most unfortunate about this situation is the inappropriate way store employees are treating patrons of their establishment.

“Frisking individuals without proof/evidence is a violation of rights.”

Yes, Whitaker rep, frisking people for nothing is definitely a violation of rights, as is racial profiling – and as should be acting like a damn fool if this employee knew who he was and just felt like causing a scene for no reason (unlikely).

Because Forest Whitaker has class and not a lot of time for idiots, he was nice enough not to push the issue further or get the employee in question fired from his job, though I totally would, but that’s because I’m a bitch and don’t always trust in karma to pay people back.

The rep adds, “Forest did not call the authorities at the request of the worker who was in fear of losing his employment. Forest asked that, in the future, the store change their behavior and treat the public in a fair and just manner.”

Good luck on that one, dude.

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