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Jennifer Saunders Doesn’t Care Who Hates the Spice Girls Musical ‘Viva Forever’

So you probably know there’s a Spice Girls musical called Viva Forever on in the West End in London at the moment. You may also know that the reviews for the show have been rather scathing, calling it everything from disappointing to absolutely terrible. Since it was penned by Jennifer Saunders – you know, she of Ab Fab and French and Saunders fame, among many other things – most people expected it to be absolutely brilliant. It’s not, though it could be worse. The point is, Jen thinks the only people who didn’t like it were white bros in their 50s who weren’t even her target audience to begin with.

From… somewhere (via Digital Spy):

“So the critics – five middle-aged men – didn’t like it. If you send your dad to see Viva Forever! on his own, then of course he’s going to hate it. It was no surprise.”

Well yeah, except there were some young people who hated it, too. Still, the Spice Girls are classic and had awesome songs (‘Spice Up Your Life’ is one of the best ever!) and this trainwreck of a production might be coming to Broadway, as well, so I’ll see you guys in the TKTS line for our 65% off tickets before it inevitably closes.

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  • She’s got a point! That sort of musicals are made for a very specific public — people who were Spice Girls fans. If you send my dad to see it (a middle-aged white guy), he’ll hate it, like he hated Mamma Mia, and if you send people my age who didn’t like the Spice Girls, they’ll hate it too. I know I’d love it (but I’m not going to go all the way down to London for a musical).

  • Too bad you can’t read or comprehend Tor… Saying its not relevant in the u.s is not saying no one but the U.s is relevant , idiot.

  • You know what I wanna see- the Spice Girls meets Sex in the City Reality TV Show. I wanna see Eddie Murphy baby daddy drama, I wanna see if Posh Spice eats more than lettuce and cotton balls soaked in olive oil. I dont know the other ones but if they get drunk and act like sluts on TV it should be a hit.