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Bradley Cooper’s Mom Isn’t Fond of Zoe Saldana, I Guess

Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana got their swerve on for about a year before splitting up,  though Zoe’s not taking the news so well. She’s desperate to get him back, but Bradley’s got another woman in his life steering him in the opposite direction: his mother.

From Radar Online:

Gloria Cooper, who lives with her handsome movie star son, has told Bradley, 38, not to take her back because she just isn’t so sure she’s the right girl for him. But at least one source tells Radar that Bradley isn’t listening and he is seeing Zoe!

“Gloria tried to get to know Zoe when they rekindled their romance, but she still didn’t think she was a good fit for him,” a source revealed.

“So, when Zoe and Bradley started talking to one another again, she told Bradley that their relationship failed twice already, what’s the point of going through all of that again?

“Like all moms, Gloria is very protective of her son, and gets to know his girlfriends’ well. She approved of Renee Zellweger and they are still friends to this day.

“But she just didn’t click with Zoe, found her a little difficulty to get to know, and it seemed like Zoe was perhaps a little intimidated by her.

“You do have to wonder if Bradley will ever find a girl that is perfect for him and his mom!” the source said.

I care less about their relationship than I do about knowing whether Gloria calls Bradley by his full name all the time. Zoe seems like a boring bitch, Bradley Cooper is overrated and this whole story is making me want a nap and it’s not even noon, but it’s Saturday and there’s not much news going, so take it as you will.

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  • He lives with his mom?! eesh

    Everyone is calling the Blid Gossip item about the guy who calls his partner “mom” in bed and sucks his thumb after sex Shia, but maybe it’s Bradley.

  • I love them together! Maybe the reason why he’s constantly going back to her is because mom doesn’t like her!

    They are adorable together!

    Hey Bradley … Is there anyone you can hook mommy dearest up with????

  • Why is this story written as though she’s lucky to be with him? She was the F’ing avatar. Who is he? She probably dumped him for being so lame. Who wants to hump a dude with his mom in the next room?

  • Bradley is emotionally immature and his Mother is a control freak. She puts negative thoughts in his head to manipulate him. The way the old bat carries on it’s as if Zoe had been dating the Mother. I would hate her as a Mother in-law.

  • He will never find his soul mate because he is a mama’s boy.
    His mother will never like any of his girl friends.He is on the black ball list in hollywood. No women in their right mind would want to date him and his mother.He love them and leave them. He is a serial dater and a jerk just like john mayer.

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