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Khloe Kardashian Doth Protest Too Much, Insists Her Sex Life With Lamar Odom Is Great

TGIF, guys! Let’s get the bullshit out of the way first, shall we?

Now, I am of the opinion that no one needs to know about a couple’s sex life (or their respective genitals) besides the people in the couple, but Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom must have missed that memo, because they just won’t shut the hell up about how much they enjoy a bit of the ol’ rumpy pumpy with each other.

From US Weekly:

Are Khloe and Lamar headed for splitsville? No way! In the new issue of Us Weekly, Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom put to rest false reports of major marital strife in their three-year marriage.

“Yes, we bicker,” Khloe, 28, conceded to Us in a recent joint interview. “but we make sure to never go to bed angry.” Added L.A. Clippers forward Odom, 33: “This girl is going to make you talk it out! Trust me!”

In the extended sit-down with Us, Kim and Kourtney’s sister and Odom reveal how they’ve worked out some of their more difficult disagreements, how they find time amid their busy schedules — and how things are going, ahem, in the bedroom.

“We love each other so much,” Odom says. “And sex is fun!” adds Kardashian. “Sex is great,” Odom clarifies. “It’s on a high level. It’s intense!”

Listen, I like Khlomar as much as I like, say, mustard – it’s not all that great, but at least it’s not mayonnaise (Kimye), you know? But I have to say, I love how these idiots state plain and simple relationship facts as if they’re some sort of secret epiphany that only they have figured out. Newsflash, dipshits: every couple bickers over little things when they spend 24/7 together, any couple that doesn’t communicate well and often (er, “talk it out”) will probably break up and sex is great, duh, when it’s with someone you love – which presumably they do, since they’re married and all. I assume they haven’t yet had the moment of clarity when they realise that’s not enough to save their relationship if it’s shit otherwise, though. I’m sure when it does hit them, though, they’ll hit 1 on their speed dial and get back in touch with US Weekly.

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  • When I hear real-life people bragging about their sex lives, it is usually because they’re feeling insecure about the relationship. Just saying…..unless Khloe is going to market Kondums and other sex aids beginning with the letter “K”. How about some “KL” Jelly? :D I’ll stop…

  • Maybe the should be the cast of 50 shades of grey !!!! I AM JOKING !!!!! I’m not sure why they feel the need to share their bedroom secrets with the world !!! That’s why their called bedroom secrets !!! No one cares !!!! What happens if she does become preggers that poor kid is never gonna want to show its face over such embarrassment !!!! No kid wants to know about their parent sexual acts !!! Kim’s kid will always have Kanye’s twit on how he just fucked Kim so hard and then we can’t for get the video of his mom getting pissed on !!! This poor kid needs therapy already :(

  • Has anyone seen starter wives? I watched an episode and Lamar’s ex Liza and mother to his kids is featured on the show. She seems like a sweetheart. Any way she admitted that she has only ever been with Lamar. He was her first and she has never had sex with anyone else since they broke up 4 YEAR AGO! I don’t think it’s bc she is pining for him though. I think she is traumatised. She says she really doesn’t like him bc after their 6 month old son died from SIDS he drifted away from her and abandoned her and less than a year later he sent her a text saying he was marrying Khloe. She calls Lamar Mr. Kardashian. Anyway she says she is sick of seeing pics of Khloe and Lamar everywhere she goes.well if they break up maybe Liza will get her wish.

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