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Michelle Obama Has Killer Taste In Music, Guys

The FLOTUS is one amazing lady in several regards, but turns out that her excellent political perspectives also carry over to her personal taste in music, because she’s got some serious jams on her playlist.

From People:

Singers on My Workout Playlist: Willow Smith & Beyoncé
“Whip My Hair” by Willow Smith always gets me moving – and it’s just so inspiring how young and talented she is! I also love anything by Beyoncé – and of course “Move Your Body” gets me going not just because it’s a great song, but because of the amazing video she did to help get kids active in support of [my campaign to fight childhood obesity], Let’s Move!

My first concert: Stevie Wonder
I went with college friends, had front row seats and Stevie invited us on stage to sing “Ebony and Ivory.”

My Grammy Picks: Frank Ocean and Kelly Clarkson
Album of the Year: Channel Orange, Frank Ocean. He’s a young, innovative performer with a soulful sound. [For] Song of the Year: “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You),” Kelly Clarkson. It’s an empowering song with a positive message.

Gotta love Michelle Obama! Barack has shared his iPod artists before and they’re just as great, so we’re definitely dealing with a hip family here. Sure, it’s a bit of a fluff story, but sometimes it’s nice to see the human side of our leaders.

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  • I can’t picture working out to Lou Reed unless you were doing yoga maybe, but GG Allin? Yeah, okay, although I can’t picture Obama’s wife telling the press she listens to a guy that once ate his own feces on stage. I like Gogol Bordello myself for cardio, and Tom Waits for lyrics. We should make up some mixed tapes and send them into the White House. I’d love to see Michellle rocking out to Babyshambles, Skankin’ Pickle, or the Cat Empire even. I agree with Meh, way too safe of choices to be deemed interesting.

    • haha!! That’s what would make it interesting. I mean, shocker..middle aged woman likes Beyonce, Stevie Wonder and Kelly Clarkson.

  • Michelle is embarrassing with her constant love for all things Beyonce. Stevie and Kelly I can absolutely understand but Beyonce? Maybe the rumors are true and she’s being nice to Bey to keep Bey from sleeping with Obama.

  • I prefer black vocalists too because the range of their voices and deep resonance is hard to match. The Obamas always mix at least one white person in with their favorites. How diplomatic. I disagree with Kelly Clarkston as a choice…

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