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Kate Winslet’s Wedding Ring Is Pretty Normal, Guys

US Weekly snapped Kate Winslet out and about in Hampshire, England this week, showing off her wedding ring from her recent marriage to Ned Rocknroll. While the photo isn’t much to speak of, the ring looks rather normal and like nothing too lavish, which just continues to prove something I have always known in my heart of hearts: Kate Winslet is one classy broad.

Listen, I’ve loved her since Heavenly Creatures and like wine, cheese and my real-life boo, she just gets better with time. She’s effortlessly and classically beautiful, a genuinely nice person (I’ll have to share my Winslet stories one day – stories about her rudeness are just false) and my God, the woman can act. Look at how great she looks! Look how few f-cks she gives about going out and about without full make-up and clothes straight from the runway! Look how often Titanic is on TV and how many of those times I watch it even though I have the DVD! (All the time; 95%)

Anyway, not much to see here in any regard, but any chance to cover the Meryl Streep of our generation (don’t even get me started on Meryl!) is a good one.

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  • Can’t believe celebrities are that stupid to wear those big, clunky BMFM glasses. They always look ridiculous.

  • Unless, of course, we talk about those types of stinky French cheeses that over time begin smelling as if something sinister had died in your pantry :)

    I LOVE Kate. She’s flawless, even with the glasses :)

    • Sorry, I know they’re considered chic right now, but I had some friends who wore them in the Marines and they used to get made fun of unmercifully. It was considered a great achievement back in the day to get women to give you the time of day when they wore those glasses.