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12Busy Philipps Actually Lives the Way She Wants Her Kids To Grow Up

Busy Philipps is great – we all know it, we’ve discussed it, what else is there to say? Well, nothing really, besides the fact that her reign of excellence continues in a recent interview with The Huffington Post, where she reveals her approach to teaching her kids how to be healthy (and ignoring society’s weight standards during her second pregnancy):

“Like most things in this business, I think that you have to do what’s right for you and you can’t be too concerned about what some magazine is going to write about you. We’re in a business where a lot of people are blessed with pretty incredible bodies, that they work hard for or comes naturally, and not everybody has the same body.”

According to Philipps, staying healthy is priority during pregnancy and women “should be given a break” when it comes to packing on the extra pounds — especially by those dubious doctors!

“It’s interesting when people make comments about celebrities’ weight gain or lack of weight gain as if they’re a medical professional that’s treating that celebrity,” she notes. “Like, ‘This doctor does not treat Jessica Simpson, but thinks her weight is unhealthy.’ If you don’t treat her, then how do you know?”

After the arrival of daughter Birdie Leigh, now 4, the actress took her time regaining her post-baby bod — a journey, she says, lasted almost a year — preferring to instead instill a positive attitude (and approach) in her little girl.

“I wanted to be healthy for her and have a healthy body image so that she hopefully grows up to see that her self worth isn’t defined by how thin she is,” Philipps explains.

I’d say that’s a good way to live. Also, sorry about two body image posts in a day – it’s Sunday, so it’s slow. Here’s a photo of my dog to make up for it. His name is Milo:

Until tomorrow!

February 3, 2013 at 4:00 pm by Jennifer
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12 Responses to “Busy Philipps Actually Lives the Way She Wants Her Kids To Grow Up”

  1. L.E. says:

    Your dog is looking into my soul. He is adorable.

  2. meh says:

    What kind of dog is he? Precious.

    Also is it just my imagination, or are you guys making like twice as many posts as there used to be?

  3. Pique says:

    Is that a star tattoo on your thumb?

  4. Yup says:

    I think I like this Jennifer chick.

  5. Laura says:

    honestly, i’d rather see pictures of milo than of taylor swift with a broken heart. haha

  6. FornitSomeFornus says:

    We have a family of 4 westies!! Love Milo — greetings from Monty, Wallace, Wesley, and Daisy!

  7. Jez says:

    Puh-Peee!! Also I love me some Busy Philipps

  8. blasted1 says:

    I think any person on the planet would tell you that a healthy weight gain during pregnancy is not comprised of slutty brownies and buttered pop-tarts, etc. You don’t need an M.D. to know it. By the way, who is Busy Phillips actually?…..besides being real good friends with Heath Ledger’s ex-girlfriend?

  9. mireee says:

    your dog omg SO cute!

  10. Elaine says:

    I’m not much of a dog-person, but: HE IS ADORABLE!!!

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