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Christina Ricci’s Been Secretly Engaged For Months

Oh, Christina Ricci, an actress for whom my feelings teeter perilously between “who gives a shit?” and “eh, whatever”. Of course, she was great in The Addams Family and I still have Black Snake Moan at somewhere around the 267th place in my Netflix queue. Beyond that, I’ve always found her to be a bit alien-headed but generally innocuous. But we’re not here to discuss her relative “meh”-ness, we’re here to celebrate her engagement!

Turns out, Christina’s been secretly engaged (gasp!) to longtime boyfriend James Heerdegen for months, and she’s only just confirmed the news to US Weekly:

“[We got engaged] a couple months back.”

Wow, a woman of many words! Don’t hold back, Christina! I kid. Obviously it’s nobody’s business what celebrities do in their personal lives, but we’re a culture of busybodies and think we should be privy to every aspect of a star’s existence, so it’s only natural that we also want to know what she and her fiancé are up to for Valentine’s Day! Take it away, Christina:

“Honestly, I was trying to think of that before, I can’t remember’ a single Valentine’s Day!” she said, laughing. “I personally just don’t think I’ve ever made a big deal about Valentine’s Day. I mean. I like to get like flowers.”

Good thinking. Valentine’s Day sucks – and that’s coming from someone in a long-term relationship. Aren’t you supposed to treat your significant other like a king or queen every day, not just some commercialized bullshit holiday based on overpriced boxes of chocolate and smarmy Hallmark cards? Maybe Christina Ricci and I have more in common than we thought.

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  • I love Christina Ricci! I’m already loving this change… by this time there is normally three Leanne Rimmes stories up around here. I hope I am not alone when I say I don’t care to know anything about Leanne Rimmes or her lifetime actor husband. Yay 2013!

    • I love her too! We’re all very happy that you guys react so positively to the makeover here at Evil Beet. I’m afraid that we can’t go on forever without bothering you with the likes of Leann but we sure can give you a little break ;)

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