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Whatever Happened to Lily Allen?!

Have I ever told you that I used to stalk Lily Allen?  And I don’t mean cyber-stalk either.  Incidentally, she used to live right at the corner of my university campus in London, and one day after my classes were done I just stumbled upon her.  That is, I stumbled upon a swarm of paparazzi chasing after her, and I stuck around to see if she would punch one of them or something.  Tough luck.  She disappeared into a black door instead, and I saw her coming in and out of it many a times afterwards. There was a café next door, and I used to strategically place myself at a table facing the entrance, my loaded camera in my lap.  Unfortunately, every time Lily Allen happened to pass by, I froze in place and couldn’t bring myself to take her photograph.  Once I even asked her permission, but she was in a crappy mood (she seems to have that tendency) and replied: “You’d rather not”, so I rather didn’t.  Another time, I came very close to secretly snapping a picture – she went towards me at first, then changed direction and by the time I gathered the courage to aim and press the shutter, I could only capture the back of her head.  I decided right then and there that I wouldn’t cut it as a paparazzo…

But I digress.  That story happened many moons ago – after her blonde hair, after her pink hair, after she swore at Elton John on TV, after she sunbathed at Cannes topless and after her first miscarriage with The Chemical Brothers’ Ed Simons’s baby (who, no kidding, I also randomly met in person when we both happened to sit next to each other in the American Embassy in London while waiting for our visas to be issued).  That was also before her second miscarriage and before her wedding that turned Lily Allen into Lilly Cooper.  A lot has changed; instead of partying with Kate Moss, Lily tweets about prams now.

I’ll be honest with you.  As a mother myself, I am very happy for Lily, but I can’t help feeling confused.  I used to have a mild obsession with her when she was just this cute, chubby little girl who wore ghetto gold earrings and sneakers under shoulder-baring gowns in bright colors, and who made, er, music that I like to refer to as “minimal effort hum-singing”.

The real question is, what is going on with Lily at the moment?  Is she still retired, or is she recording music again?  The collaboration she did with P!nk was nothing to brag about, that  Bridget Jones musical she was working on is still going nowhere and she doesn’t appear too enthusiastic about selling vintage clothes, either.  Oh, oh, I’ve got it!  I know what’s happening to Lily Allen.  Motherhood!  She has kids now, and I can understand all too well how that can put you in a bubble. But Lily, come on.  Don’t be one of those women who, when asked what they do for a living, they answer: “I’m a mom.”  Sure, you are a mom.  Now take your shirt off and give us something to talk about.

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  • I was waiting for that fly-on-the-wall Pride & Prejudice movie that she was set to star as Lydia in. But I’m guessing that’s never to be made. Too bad, she would’ve fit perfectly.

  • I really liked her two albums but she’s boring now :( saw her live once and she was really funny, although she got drunk and forgot the lyrics!

      • It wasn’t that Lily Allen didn’t want to work. After recording Alright Still, there were problems getting into the studio. Lily Allen’s ideas of recording are that she would write everything inside the studio. That didn’t happen soon enough. Lily Allen spent 2 years on the road, working, and doing interviews. The problem was doing the same songs for 2 years. When Lily Allen finally ended her tour, she went to television.

  • Reminds me of the time I followed Art Alexakis of Everclear into a Hot Topic. Also, it’s cool that you know so many famous people. I mean, Michelle Pfeiffer AND Lily Allen? Impressive.

  • I remember when she said she was going to “take a break” after the first baby, then there was some kind of project on the works… dang! another baby.
    honestly, I don’t think she’s gonna do anything else again, and that’s bad, I was obsessed with her!

    • Lily Allen went to Los Angles to record It’s not me it’s you. She walked into Mr.Chow where Lohan was dining with her girlfriend within about 10 mins. Lily Allen left with every paparazzi that was waiting outside. The she sent them of a wild goose chase when she was finished. Hanging out with Lohan was never on her agenda, she had a project to promote. Lohan’s father accused Lily Allen of having a serious drinking problem, they only got along in a Hollywood kind of way. Lily Allen told Micheal Lohan to piss off.

  • I just hope she’s a happy mum these days. I remember her hanging with Lindsanity Lohan at one point; trouuuuble. Pretty sure her dad’s some rich record dude, so if she doesn’t have to work anymore, ::shrug::, whatevs. But I do think she’s quite likeable & I wish her the best. I enjoyed her honesty in past interviews, that little lush…

  • I understand. She was my favourite pop singer but then she became boring, I mean, I love her music but I won’t be listening and listening the same song everyday. That’s the reason why Lady GaGa is my favourite pop songer now.

  • Stalking Lily Allen, was a popular thing to do for quite awhile, until Lily Allen fought in court to keep reporters at a distance of 5 miles from 9 Brondesbury Road [where lily Allen used to live. ] Bitter feelings from reporters about the train wreck they thought lily Allen was [and sometimes was because of that pressure] is just a reporters way of getting attention without facts. Words were mentioned that Lily Allen confirmed were never said. It’s a tabloid magazine, Lily Allen is no angel and blowing things out of proportion lead to the restraining order.

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