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Reasons to Talk About Tegan and Sara

It has been an emotional couple of days here at Evil Beet with Sarah and Emily flying south and all, but today I want us to dry our tears and take a deep breath, because despite of the momentary bewilderment brought by the changes, I can promise you that things are looking up!  So shall we begin this new adventure with some light music?

Tegan and Sara are not new to the music world; they have been quite industrious ever since 1999, yet they are just breaking into the mainstream now, and how!  I came up with a few reasons why we should talk about – or better, listen – to Tegan and Sara:

1. They are identical twins.

2. They are from Canada (which, in case it needs clarifying, is Rachel McAdams and Ellen Page kind-of-cool).

3. They are openly gay and advocate for LGBT equality.

4. They make music that will not make you wish you didn’t live on this planet anymore.

5. They just released their new album, Heartthrob, and it is blowing up all over the place.

6. They were included in this year’s Coachella line-up.

7. They are pretty cute for, you know, hipsters.

8. The girl’s name is Tegan, for God’s sake.

9. Even though I knew nothing about them until last month, Tegan and Sara already have a cult following of super devoted fans.

10. We should expect to see a lot of them being interviewed by other famous people and in high fashion photoshoots for various magazines, where they would look rather great in a reserved, androgynous kind of way.

You can easily say that Tegan and Sara are the next big thing.  Because when Katy Perry is tweeting about you, you definitely know you’ve made it.

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  • Ok, I’ve seen them about 10-11 yrs ago with Neil Young. Didnt knock me out, maybe I will give another listen. You might like Tara MacLean, shes from PEI and has a stunning voice.

    • I just noticed the Katy Perry endorsement and against my better judgement, I listened anyway, wish I hadn’t! For your consideration:
      1. Billy Holiday
      2. Odetta
      3. Grace Slick
      4. Rickie Lee Jones
      5. Queen Ida
      6. Big Mama Thornton
      7. Chrissie Hynde
      8. Marcia Griffiths
      9. Annette Brissette
      10. Annie Lennox
      11. Imelda May
      12. The I-Threes
      13. Etta James
      14. Sade
      This list is in no particular order, just what is in my music rotation at any given time.

      • Absolutely love some of these ladies, and haven’t heard of a few. Currently, I’ve been falling in love, all over again, with Lucinda Williams.

      • I could go on…. My music library is massive. From classical to surf punk, jazz in all its forms to tuvan throat singing, pygmy chants to gregorian, old school rap to bluegrass, Cajun, zydeco, blues,huge reggae and dead fan. The Chaz nic is taken from the dead tune cosmic charlie….

      • I too caught T&S when they opened for Rufus Wainwright. Didn’t knock me sock off, but a fun night nonetheless. *OOO* Sade – she never gets old…literally too; still quite the looker. And have you guys seen the great stuff Annie does charity-wise + posts on all her social media? MASSIVE respect for the Lennox. Chrissie can do no wrong. And in my own singing adventures, I learned so much from Grace Slick & those holy pipes, Batman. In other words…NICE list, Chaz!
        P.S. Billie & Etta forevs. <3

      • Pikki…. The Sade video sweetest taboo, in the loft when she’s wearing the Levi 501’s and she turns around? Still makes me weak in the knees!

  • Didn’t these ladies come to fame when they were played on Grey’s Anatomy years and years ago? Unless they just ‘made’ it in Europe…

  • I’ve enjoyed these ladies for a while now – big love that they’re enjoying more (probably lucrative) success. Here’s hoping they don’t turn into asshats.

    Good morning & welcome, Bobby! I hope you enjoy your new digs here at EB. I wish you a smooth transition and many naughty celeb dramas!

  • Hey, good morning!!!

    Guys, the thing is, this here is a celebrity gossip website. T+S were fairly popular and successful long before this album, and many of their faithful fans were literally in tears over their new pop sound. But that’s how it is. I hated it too when Chris Cornell did an album with Timbaland…For better or for worse, however, we are here to talk about the sensation of the day, and T+S seem to be it in music. Katy Perry’s taste in music isn’t really a compass (her-hee) but she is a giant big celebrity and she’s surely contributing to the hype.

    I could go on a rant about how the industry changes, and ultimately ruins most real, talented artists, but I prefer to think about it the other way – if bands like T+S break into the mainstream, there’s still hope for contemporary music.

    Also, just to be clear about this Ke$ha reference – she CAN sing quite well. She just chooses not to. For the money, and to just take a piss at everyone. And that’s exactly why we talk about her.

  • I like you immediately for this post. i dont care if someone has liked them for 283278372 years or just discovered them. thanks for starting off with something nice and positive and not about bloatface lohan or anyone else that’s so annoying lately.

  • I used to listen to them a lot about 7 years ago, I went through about 3 month obsession and saw them 4 times in that period. Anyway check out their song living room, tis a good one.