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Stars Without Makeup: Beyonce!

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How do we feel about it, huh? Because me, as much as I generally dislike Beyonce’s thinly veiled high and mighty demeanor, there’s one thing you can’t deny, and it’s that she’s a beautiful girl—with or without makeup.

This is Beyonce in New Orleans (my most favorite place in the whole entire world) on a break from Super Bowl halftime rehearsal with her ma, Tina Knowles. One of them is fresh-faced, demure, natural, and gorgeous. The other? Oh my goodness, not so much. I’ll let you figure out who’s who.

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    • OMG YES. I was trying to figure out who she reminded me of.

      BeyI really couldn’t give two craps about Beyonce but she IS super pretty.

  • Maybe tiring to hide her face after the lip sync scandal because she should be ashamed of her self !!!! She said it was to cold then she found out Kelly sang live so then she said she didn’t have time to practice !!!! I feel bad for the marines band who did take this seriously and did practice for their moment to only be told by some rich diva at the last minute to fake it because she couldn’t do it !!!! Then they show her 500 times this week practicing for the Super Bowl !!!! She is gonna be a real good role model for her daughter !!!! She makes me sick she is a cocky rich bitch and thinks she’s above everyone maybe her and Kim k should be best friends because they are just a like !!! They would be fighting over the spot light all the time !!!!! I can hear it now my butt is bigger then yours !!!!!! They both make me sick !!!!!!

  • Any time I see someone wearing one of those giant knit caps when it’s not blizzarding or below zero out, I want to grab it off their heads and light it on fire.

  • Tina looks on the outside what Beyonce is like on the inside. Beyonce had better take a good look at that pictureof Tina because that face will be hers at 50.

    • Jay-Z better take a look at that face on Tina. He’ll be staring at it before too long (or one that’s had extensive plastic surgery).

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