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Quotables: Kim Kardashian’s Already Worried About her Ass

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It’s going to be so awful. My ass is going to get so big.

Kim Kardashian on what her pregnancy’s going to be like. In a word?Well, she said it. The word is “awful.” Isn’t that so, so nice? Isn’t it wonderful that she’s more concerned about her ass, and how “awful” it’s going to be when it inevitably grows large enough that you can see that donk from the front, it eclipsing her growing baby bump and all? Sure. “Awful.” Got it.

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  • It will just look like she’s wearing a bigger diaper. She always looks like she has a load in her pants anyway.

  • She’s always been a fat-assed troll. I’m always amazed at how people fail to realize she’s attached to a hideous heinie.

  • Damn, you’d think she would embrace it now that she actually has a reason to explain that gargantu-can! Christ, that fuckin thing is big enough to have it’s own atmosphere.

  • “My ass is going to get so big”, GOING, just what have we been looking at all these years that you keep sticking in our face to see, Kim?

  • Why is this outfit not the main focus of this entry? Does anyone really care about what fluff comes out of her mouth at the best of times, let alone when her arse cheeks are twinkling like two disco balls?

  • She is gonna be huge ! She is gonna put Jessica Simpson to shame !!! At least Jessica has a beautiful face :) Kim is just a nasty used up whore !!!!!

  • I hope she does get really big. Because with a comment like that, I’d be worried that she’ll go the other way and be one of those women who try to diet while pregnant. What’s that diet pill she advertises for? QuickTrim or whatever? Yeah. Kim, please don’t take that while you’re pregnant. That is all.

  • The Backside of Doom! It needs it’s own talk show. Can she play flute with it like that guy who performs on YouTube? I’d watch that.

  • Wow guys. I’m not a Kim fan but no wonder she’s worried about the size of her ass, look at the commens you guys are making before she even gets half way to term… :S And alot of woman love being pregnant but dont like the weight they put on. And as you can see no wonder she’s worries about her ass…