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LeAnn Rimes Was on Jimmy Kimmel, Talked About Brandi Glanvile

A photo of LeAnn Rimes

On Monday, Brandi Glanville called LeAnn Rimes “insane,” right on television. So on Tuesday, LeAnn Rimes basically did an entire interview about Brandi Glanville on television. Appropriate defense, right?

In the interview with Jimmy Kimmel, LeAnn did talk a bit about her music, and she discussed her allergies, which prevented her from singing on the show, but mostly she talked about Brandi. She talked about how she usually stays out of the drama entirely (LOL!), but every few months or so, “you’re just like, ‘screw you.'” So basically, she’s delusional as ever.

But my favorite part was probably when Jimmy asked her if she watched Brandi’s Real Housewives show, and she said no, but later on, she made a joke about losing her voice due to screaming at the television, and then she did this weird little pause and added “which I don’t watch!” It’s funny because it’s like she thinks she’s fooling someone.

I could tell you more about the interview, but you should really just watch it for yourself:

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  • Ugh. I wish this bitch would GO AWAY. How pathetic. If she was as content in her marriage as she claims to be, then Brandi’s digs would be laughable & not worth acknowledging. She seems mega-insecure. Girlfriend needs to get a freakin’ grip. She’s starting to sicken me. Gross.

    • Glad someone else noticed. Besides her lame attempt at jokes, the only thing I could focus on was that weird accent she has developed.

  • That interview was just awkward to watch. It seems like she kept looking to the audience for approval and she just wasn’t getting it. She tried to make jokes and they fell flat. I haven’t watched any other of her numerous interviews but if they’re anything like this, she needs to stop.

  • The whole brnadu Glanville/ Leann thing is so stupid. I’m feeling very whatever about it.

    Can we talk about her hair, though? Because that updo is just horrible. I mean, what the hell? Who did that to her?

    • Her team is probably so fed up with her that these ‘little’ things like a horrible, horrible, coif is what makes their jobs a bit more bearable. Wouldn’t we all do the same thing if given the opportunity? I feel mean now. But relieved.

  • Does anyone watch Scandal? If you don’t you should! It’s about a lawyer who does PR for high profile screw ups. I keep thinking who does Leann’s PR. She needs Olivia Pope. She needs to start requiring that she is not asked anything about Her train wreck love triangle mess with Eddie and Brandi because anything she says makes her look worse. Maybe she can’t request that interviewers avoid those unconforte questions because otherwise they wouldn’t have her on their shows because that’s all people are interested in at this point. A few years from now people probably won’t even remember she made music. She will just be that home wrecker on celebrity rehab.

  • This interview confirmed my belief in her insanity. Her stylist should be executed . Won’t put myself through another interview with her again.

  • She is a one note wonder. Both of these women need to stfu about each other and first wife, be grateful she took him away from you.

  • Does she have fans? Emily, can you ever show us twitter comments for her that are from adoring fans? Because I’m just wondering if she actually has fans beyond just her encouraging girl friends. As far as I can tell, she just did one song twenty years ago and since then has no other appeal except as an attention whore.

  • Well, that was unsettling. Silly sarcasm as a defence and it completely lacks substance. That comment about ‘the only thing that would end our marriage’….bitch please.

  • How can any of these media outlets continue to push that Leann went to rehab after what she said in this interview with Jimmy Kimmel? All Leann learned in “rehab” was to blame Brandi for everything bad that happens to her, lie, and play the victim. With each and every “exclusive” Leann does, her behavior towards Brandi gets worse. What is disturbing about Leann’s interviews is the fact that these interviewers never ever call Leann out on her lies. It’s not every month that Leann says “screw you” to Brandi, it’s EVERY single DAY from 2009 to now. Radaronline wrote an article where one of Leann’s fans revealed that Leann tells them what to say to Brandi and her fans, so Leann does engage. And yet again why isn’t this being addressed in any of these interviews by Jimmy Kimmel, Katie, Guiliana, and Nancy?

    If Leann’s “allergies” were as bad as she claimed, then why didn’t she just cancel the appearance? I get the impression that this song and album isn’t doing as well as Leann and DB are claiming. Leann’s singles are still not getting much airplay or on the top 100 country songs on Itunes charts, yes even after doing TWO back to back exclusive interviews. Leann is her own worst enemy. Where is her pr team or publicist? Leann’s problem is that she surrounds herself with too many yes people and now we can add Jimmy K to that growing list. I would like an interviewer to break away from the scripted interview and confront Leann about all of her lies.

  • In attempt to make it look like something good came out of Leann’s appearance on JK, one her fans tweeted that with Leann as guest Jimmy Kimmel brought in 2.2 million viewers. And then the Leann fan was brought to tears when someone pointed out that JK averages 3 million viewers and that the show lost viewers by having Leann as a guest!

    In other news, Leann is on her fan website trying to fuel pregnancy rumors. She tweeted that she is going through many, many, many changes! The only thing Leann is going through is trying to keep Eddie’s affairs from making headlines. She is pushing the sick thing like crazy, and then she will be photographed walking around LA like nothing was ever wrong and her fans won’t even question how she recovered so quickly from her “allergies”.

  • Leann is having another manic phase on twitter. If her marriage to Eddie is as great as she makes it out to be why does she use twitter to validate her marriage? So now Eddie isn’t cheating on her because according to Leann he woke up next to her this morning and he takes care of her when she is “sick”(even though he was in Aspen that one time when she had an explosive stomach bug which suddently resolved just in time for Leann to give Katie an exclusive interview)? So basically what Leann just revealed is that she and Eddie have seperate bedrooms. Why would anyone believe that Eddie takes care of Leann when she “sick” when he doesn’t even take care of his own kids-leaving Leann to bathe, feed, and get them ready for school?

  • “A little afternoon competitive sport date with my hubby is just what the doctor ordered.”-Leann Rimes

    So now Leann is calling sex with Eddie a “competive sport”? Well considering how Eddie is cheating on Leann, she isn’t lying. She really is competing with other women for Eddie’s attention. Poor Leann. People say that Eddie must have slept somewhere else lastnight and then Leann runs to twitter( to make a sexual inneuno) and AKM-GSI to fix it. Staged photos of Eddie and Leann either leaving or arriving at the gym in 3, 2, 1. Funny how Leann was so deathly ill on Jimmy K and then today she is well enough to be photographed laughing like a donkey as she and her paid gigolo are photographed by her friends AKM-GSI on their competive sport date. It’s sad that she has to set up “dates” with Eddie at a gym.

  • wooooow is she ever trying too hard! it’s like she’s painfully nervous…yet trying to act chill…and just not pulling it off; like far from it. just stop the interview circuit, leann, STOP. save yourself some embarrassment. (fuck yeah i think she reads this blog. as does dina lohan. :P oh famewhores!)

  • And suddenly Leann’s twitter meltdowns, taunting of Brandi with her own kids lastnight, exclusive interviews with ET/Jimmy K, and debut on that celeb makeover reality tv show at the end of this month makes so much more sense…Brandi is doing promotions for her book on Monday and Scheana is doing an interview on WWHL this upcoming week! Poor Leann.