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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Has Some Important Things to Say About ‘Don Jon’s Addiction’

… Well at least he’s excited about his film, huh? There is that, after all.

Also, if you couldn’t watch the video, here it is in a nutshell: ‘Don Jon’s Addiction’ will be coming to a theater near you, probably, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is really, really excited about it. There was lots of arm waving and rocking back and forth to witness, and lots of pompousness, which was only thinly veiled by self-deprecating and grudging acknowledgements of his greatness, but don’t worry: it’s all been used to reinforce the fact that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is really, really excited about all this, and while I generally think he’s kind of a smug little bastard, I do like him. He’s gads and gads better than so many of his peers out there, and though it’s sometimes hard to keep that kind of perspective, I try my best.

Personally, though? While I somewhat admire Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and think he’s all shades of cute, I think ‘Don Jon’ is probably going to flop in theaters, and though that would be totally OK with him, I’m sure (yeah, right; he’d probably have a f-cking coronary), I also think he might be jumping the gun just a little bit in rehearsing his Oscar acceptance speech, because that’s what this video really was, wasn’t it?

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  • You know what, I’m good with his. Guy works his butt off unlike most people featured on this site. He’s done some interesting stuff for other artists. Good for him you know? Plus, anyone who’s employing Tony Danza is ok in my book.

  • there is a huge audience for that kind of movie, and i strongly disagree that it will flop. he is especially excited about this movie, because it was a test run for directing the movies he really wants to make, which would be a feature film collaborations, like the Hit Record projects. have you seen any? they’re awesome, they also have books out. i dont understand the snark and the ‘tude with this one, really i think you’re just trying to dislike this story.