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Quotables: Taylor Swift Is A Liar

A photo of Taylor Swift

“I’m a Sagittarius, which means, you know, I’m blindly optimistic, I love to travel, I’m always up for adventure but also always want something new. Sagittarians are really independent, and we like our space. We’re drawn to love but battle for that need for independence. Independence is something I’ve always needed, from when I was young, but I love the idea of romance and falling in love. I’ve never really had a long relationship. So that’s something I think about for the future. It’s an interesting part of my personality: Part of me just wants to be alone.”

Taylor Swift discusses how her astrological sign makes her a crazy face.

But I called Taylor a liar up there in the headline because of the very last part of her quote there. There is no part of Taylor Swift that wants to be alone. Taylor Swift wants a hand to literally hold forever, except when she’s pooping, which she never ever does. She needs someone to sit with in her giant bird cage, someone who wants to have at least 15 babies and take care of them while she writes passive aggressive songs about him. And most of all, she wants someone who would never, ever get mad at her for writing those passive aggressive songs.

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  • Nah, you don’t understand. She wants a hand to hold even when she’s pooping. The relationships last for as long as she can refrain from going.

    • Sagittarius as a sun sign has absolutely nothing to do with what she said.

      I imagine she probably read a “horoscope” posted in some paper someplace.

  • Taylor Swift’s lies are getting more aggressive. And now with her latest eunuch for a boyfriend. Swift is a sociopath who isn’t violent. The only thing she didn’t lie about was about not buying a house next to some Kennedy. She don’t have the money, she’s only a cash cow pawn. The Kennedy they used for her was another eunuch Handler. It was all her companies garbage.

  • I hope someday Everbody sees Taylor swift foes what she really is. A corporate installed spoon fed cash cow dumb dumb. All of her boyfriends were eunuchs including he current one and whoeveres next. That’s how many eunuchs her company hires. A lot of eunuchs, they always did. Taylor Swift has become the worst and most retarded pretender and she’s a star who isn’t supposed to be pretending on anything because it’s for bottom feeders and not straight personel like her. She’ll loose her job yet.