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Lana Del Rey Wants to Be Angelina Jolie, is a Weird, Dead Mannequin Instead

photo of lana del rey pictures
From France’s Madam Figaro, Lana Del Rey on trying to get past her crazy augmented face and seeing that she’s a real live person:

Music was my passion, but my work with this foundation is more important. I myself had the chance to be [helped by an establishment]. Helping others now feels like it’s my turn to give something back. I want to become a sort of Angelina Jolie. Like her, I think fame is nothing in itself, but it can be put to good use – by using it to generate money for charity for example.

What foundation? You didn’t even know she was working with a foundation? Because duh, Lana Del Rey‘s working with a foundation, and with the third hand growing out of my ass, I’m Googling what foundation she’s paired with right as we speak. Her, ahem, foundation is … well, I can’t find anything anywhere, actually. It’s not really in the rest of the magazine excerpts I’ve come across, and when you Google “Lana Del Rey foundation,” all you get is a bunch of mess about how Lana Del Rey was a bunch of mess one time when she had a big foundation (makeup) snafu. We’ll let that one slide. There’s a good chance she might have been talking out her ass anyway.

Moving on, here’s Lana Del Rey on what she was like as a kid:

As a child, I felt different. I always wanted to make my life a work of art.

And last, on rehabilitation from alcohol:

When you no longer drink, it is more difficult to celebrate. In fact, when I quit drinking, I lost my life. It took my all to reinvent myself. Find the roots. It was very difficult. At the same time, I had never felt rooted in whatever I’ve done or wherever I’ve been since.

That. That right there—that’s a good, honest point that she made, and I admire her for owning up to it. It’s pretty decent of her, and hey, maybe Lindsay Lohan will even read this interview somewhere, someday. Maybe she’ll even take a page out of Lana’s book, quit drinking, and start some ubiquitous foundation that she can hide behind until the next Big Movie Role tumbles downhill. I like the sound of that, don’t you?

Lana’s overall look in this photo shoot, though, not so much. She looks dead. No, wait—she looks like a mannequin, only not a hot mannequin like Kim Catrall played in the movie Mannequin, a weird, dead mannequin. That sounds about right.

What do you guys think of Lana’s photos?

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  • She might be trying to look like Angelina Jolie but all she’s getting from her plastic surgery investments is a striking and unsettling resemblance to Octomom.

  • OMG Octomum, totally! And RE: she, Lindz & Gag Gag, ya knOw they all swapped pills whilst hangin’ out. After sharing lines of either the coka and/or crushed meds of course…..

  • What an ugly waste of time reading. Oh well just stating my opinion. But this has not to do with the article writer itself. But lana who? Lana what? Lana where? I dont like her. Why doesnt she embrace herself as who she is? Shes changing her face and its dire.

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