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Lana Del Rey Wants to Be Angelina Jolie, is a Weird, Dead Mannequin Instead

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From France’s Madam Figaro, Lana Del Rey on trying to get past her crazy augmented face and seeing that she’s a real live person:

Music was my passion, but my work with this foundation is more important. I myself had the chance to be [helped by an establishment]. Helping others now feels like it’s my turn to give something back. I want to become a sort of Angelina Jolie. Like her, I think fame is nothing in itself, but it can be put to good use – by using it to generate money for charity for example.

What foundation? You didn’t even know she was working with a foundation? Because duh, Lana Del Rey‘s working with a foundation, and with the third hand growing out of my ass, I’m Googling what foundation she’s paired with right as we speak. Her, ahem, foundation is … well, I can’t find anything anywhere, actually. It’s not really in the rest of the magazine excerpts I’ve come across, and when you Google “Lana Del Rey foundation,” all you get is a bunch of mess about how Lana Del Rey was a bunch of mess one time when she had a big foundation (makeup) snafu. We’ll let that one slide. There’s a good chance she might have been talking out her ass anyway.

Moving on, here’s Lana Del Rey on what she was like as a kid:

As a child, I felt different. I always wanted to make my life a work of art.

And last, on rehabilitation from alcohol:

When you no longer drink, it is more difficult to celebrate. In fact, when I quit drinking, I lost my life. It took my all to reinvent myself. Find the roots. It was very difficult. At the same time, I had never felt rooted in whatever I’ve done or wherever I’ve been since.

That. That right there—that’s a good, honest point that she made, and I admire her for owning up to it. It’s pretty decent of her, and hey, maybe Lindsay Lohan will even read this interview somewhere, someday. Maybe she’ll even take a page out of Lana’s book, quit drinking, and start some ubiquitous foundation that she can hide behind until the next Big Movie Role tumbles downhill. I like the sound of that, don’t you?

Lana’s overall look in this photo shoot, though, not so much. She looks dead. No, wait—she looks like a mannequin, only not a hot mannequin like Kim Catrall played in the movie Mannequin, a weird, dead mannequin. That sounds about right.

What do you guys think of Lana’s photos?

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  • She might be trying to look like Angelina Jolie but all she’s getting from her plastic surgery investments is a striking and unsettling resemblance to Octomom.

  • OMG Octomum, totally! And RE: she, Lindz & Gag Gag, ya knOw they all swapped pills whilst hangin’ out. After sharing lines of either the coka and/or crushed meds of course…..

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